15 Canadian Beauty Products To Get You Through Winter

Posted: Dec 19 2016

Here in Canada winter can strike at a moments notice! Be prepared with an arsenal of Canadian made beauty products to keep your skin protected and moisturized during the chilly and snowy months! Here is our list of 15 Canadian Beauty Products to Get You Through Winter! 

1) Harlow Skincare Co. - Skin Elixir

Formulated for all skin types, this carefully crafted blend of essential oils is just what your skin needs during the winter! This fast absorbing and moisturizing oil contains jojoba oil, avocado oil and organic macadamia nut oil so it’s def going to stop the wind from drying out your complexion. #skingoals 

2) Jouviance - Skin Rescue

This moisture-intense rescue cream  immediately soothes dry and irritated skin. It calms and nourishes dry, flaking, red, rough and cracking skin. We LOVE Jouviance because all of their products are cruelty free and they don’t test on animals! 

3) Saje Wellness - Skin So Clean Exfoliating Cleanser 

This gentle exfoliator includes the soothing properties from rice and oats and the warming sensation from citrus and ylang ylang. It’s the perfect facial cleanser to slough off dry skin and gentle enough for sensitive skin! 

4) Bite Beauty – Agave Lip Mask

This tinted leave-on lip mask smooths, nourishes, and hydrates lips AND has triple the amount of the antioxidants found in red wine! This YYZ based company handcrafts all their products and they are 100% cruelty free! 

5) RMS Beauty – Raw Coconut Cream

Say hello to the ultimate organic beauty product! Considered one of the healthiest oils on the planet, it’s also known for it’s multiuse purposes! Not only is it super moisturizing, but it removes eye makeup, soothes sunburns, and it nourishes skin, hair and lashes! 

6) Ella’s Botanicals x The Chic Canuck – Exclusive Chic Balm

We like to call this our miracle chic balm! This multipurpose balm can be used to moisturize dry skin, soothe chapped lips even remedy little scrapes. This specially curated scent has notes of jasmine, rose and citrus and is the perfect size to have in every handbag, especially during the winter! 

7) Lise Watier - HydraForce Hydra-Protective Creme-Gel

This gel moisturizer contains Gaspé algae, which helps skin develop a protective shield against the winter elements. It’s perfect for red, irritated skin because the gel has a cooling sensation for immediate relief! 

8) Consonant Skincare – DHE Mask

We know that most clay masks can suck the life out of our skin but this multitasking mask not only detoxifies but also hydrates and exfoliates! Formulated with mineral-rich Manicouagan Clay, it helps clarify the skin with the help of Willow Bark and Tea Tree extracts! 

9) NudeStix – Moisture Pencil

Ever get random dry patches on your face during the winter?! Super not cute! Luckily NudeStix has the solution in their Moisture Pencil! This chubby pencil is skin-quenching and not greasy! Bonus points for all their products being vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly! 

10) Marc Anthony – Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco

We couldn’t forget about hair care! During the winter, hair can become dry and brittle so this argan oil infused product line from Marc Anthony is exactly what we’re needing! Our faves are the shampoo and conditioner and the nourishing oil treatment that will leave your ends so silky and soft! 

photo by: @beautybrite 

11) Mèreadesso – Beautiful Body Balm 

This luxe body balm enhances the skins glow and texture. We love that it dries quickly so it won’t get on your clothes and it’s blended with 8 vitamins and minerals, along with 28 globally sourced botanical extracts like white tea extracts and witch hazel extract! 

12) Belmondo - The Cloud Velvety Olive Oil Face Cream

Italian olive oil is the star ingredient in this rich and hydrating cream! It’s perfect for the chilly winter because the scents of Tuscan rose and lavender will transport you to a Tuscan rose garden! 

13) Kaia Naturals – Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths

This YYZ based brand specializes in these eco-friendly face wipes and we are OBSESSED! We know that cleansing cloths can typically strip the skin of it’s natural oils but Kaia Naturals cloths are infused with vitamin C, E and B12 + jojoba oil, sunflower oil and organic honey! They also get major bonus points for the cloth being 100% biodegradable!

14) Cake Beauty – Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse

Can’t get away to the tropics this winter? Well this Cake Beauty Desserted Island Body Mousse is the next best thing! With the scent of macadamia nut, coconut oil and mango it will definitely transport you to that tropical beach you’ve been daydreaming of! 

15) Province Apothecary -Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover 

Another miracle product! This do-it-all product cleanses skin, removes makeup, rejuvenates skin, and heals blemishes! We love that it’s certified organic and are made in small batches to ensure high quality! 

(words by Blair Stutz)
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