Introducing Brave Shores

Posted: Oct 26 2014

Musically Inclined Siblings, Stefanie and Jay McCarrol, Are The Duo Behind Brave Shores, Toronto's Newest IndiePop Band. 

It all started with a Bell commercial for an underwater phone; “I don’t care if I EVER COME DOWN!”….we’ve all heard it through our televisions and shazamed it -- going crazy over who the mysterious musical genius was behind the song. Finally, we know. Their name is Brave Shores (aka siblings Jay McCarrol and Stef McCarrol) and we got to sit down with them for a little chat on their exciting new music journey, surreal moments and some of their favourite Canadian bands:   


TCC: How did Brave Shores begin?

Jay: A while ago, I decided I'd try my hand at jingle writing. There was this one commercial everyone was bidding on and I was really trying to make a couple of cool songs for it. Stef helped me out by singing on them. It was for a Bell Sony Xperia commercial and out of all the songs they chose mine. We decided to start a band and it went on from there. 

Stef: The song was getting a lot of attention online, people wanting to know who we were and where we they could get the song.

Jay: I’ve played music my whole life, Stef kept it more on the side and I kind of introduced her to all my musician friends. And now we're both playing music all the time.


TCC: Where did you get the concept for your hilarious debut music video?

Jay: Toronto has such an amazing comedy community.  One of my favourite comedy troupes is Tony Ho – a hilariously dark and moody trio that do amazing video work, and Stef and I both really connect with their sense of humour.  So I asked if they would be into making a music video for us. When we sat down to talk about the video, we didn’t have any ideas at all except that the song felt very summery.  Then, Roger just pitched this hair idea in about 15 seconds and we knew we had a video to make.



TCC: Where do you guys go for musical inspiration?

Stef: Our mom’s house.

Jay: (Haha) We always check into our parent’s house in Mississauga for some good family R&R and some home-cooked meals. I live in Toronto and so does Stef.

Stef: We recorded pretty much everything for the EP at Jay’s house in this make-shift studio and jam space we built, and are still building.   


TCC: What has been one of the most surreal moments of your music journey so far?

Stef: Yesterday we decided to re-arrange Jay’s living room to fit our new collection of awesome synths, and we were listening to Indie88.  We were moving this extremely heavy armoire to another room, and just as we’re about to give up, our song comes on the radio. It was so funny. As we’re cursing this piece of furniture Never Come Down is playing. It was a cool moment – we thought, “Hey, we're working towards the band right now and actually hearing and seeing the pay off.”

Jay: It was also crazy seeing the video on MUCH.


TCC: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Jay: We are lucky to know and get to work with a huge family of friends and musicians, and it’s always a pleasure to meet and collaborate with new people from right here in Toronto.

Stef: Uhm.. Britney Spears and Gary Numan.


TCC: How would you describe your sound?

Stef: Our EP is coming from a few different places. It’s not all ElectroPop.

Jay: We started out thinking we were ElectroPop because of the single, but the rest of the stuff is more IndiePop. It’s sort of easy listening.


TCC: What exciting new future projects can you let us in on?

Jay: We’re going to be making a pretty kickass video for a song from the EP called ‘More Like You’.

Stef: When it comes to releasing new music, it’s great now because we’re such a new band we have the opportunity play new songs and see how the audience reacts.


TCC: What are some of you’re favourite Canadian bands that we should look out for?

Stef: I just did a little tour with Zeus and The Golden Dogs, and those guys are the most talented musicians. And Austra is awesome.

Jay: I’ve been liking the New PornographersLowell, Diana, and Wax Atlantic.


TCC: What are some of you’re favourite local spots when you’re in Toronto?

Jay: I like playing in places with pianos. The Cameron House is a place where I feel really at home.

Stef: We always get coffees at Ezra's Pound on Dupont Street!


The Brave Shores EP will be released on October 28th on iTunes and be playing a show for the release party at the Drake Underground, presented by Indie88. Be sure to check out these new up-and-comers while you can in an intimate venue. We have an inkling it won't be for much longer!

Click HERE to buy tickets NOW!
(Article Contributed by Lindsay Sganga)
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