Odessa's Scorpio Gift Guide

Posted: Oct 27 2014

We Caught Up with One of Our Favourite Scorpios, Odessa Paloma Parker, Fashion Editor at The Globe and Mail, for Her Guide To Shopping for A Scorpio!

Name: Odessa Paloma Parker

Title: Fashion Editor at The Globe & Mail

Birthday: October 31st


The Best Part About Being a Scorpio:

There's an air of mystery in being a Scorpio; there are so many aspects to the sign and it seems like people are always trying to figure you out.

Favourite Scorpio Traits:

Scorpios are very in tune with themselves and their needs, so they're very direct and highly authentic. I think this self-awareness makes it easier to interact with people, too; I think it makes you pretty easy going.

Advice for Gift Shopping for Scorpio:

I've never met a Scorpio who wasn't a little vibey, so finding some trinkets with witchy undertones will always score you points.


Odessa's Top 5 Picks from The Chic Canuck!

Who doesn't need a little on-the-go mood lift?

I love how delicate but impactful this pendant is, and it would go with pretty much anything.

Cambie Design Teal and White blanket:

I love naps so I have quite a few blankets stashed beside our couch; I love the colour combination and beautiful design of this Cambie piece.

Province Apothecary Essential Oil Infused Incense in Lavender

I'm a huge scent enthusiast. Perfume, candles, incense - I love myself and my space to be wonderfully fragrant.

This piece would make any outfit regal.



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Thank you Odessa!!



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