Make Sausages From Scratch

Posted: Nov 11 2014

Toronto's Healthy Butcher Let's Foodies Make A Mess In Their Kitchen For Sausage Making Class 101.

Even the most adventurous foodie and cook might shy away from making sausages from scratch in their own kitchen. From the mounds of raw meat to the slippery intestine casings, there's a lot that is involved in the art of sausage making that's not quite suitable for the average urban home. 

However, that's no reason to disregard your adventurous side in the kitchen. Especially when you can dive right into sausage stuffing in someone else's kitchen, right?

In a DIY class catered to the food obsessed, The Healthy Butcher in Toronto offers attendees a (very) hands on tutorial, lead by the company's Co-Founder Mario Fiorucci, to making your own sausages step by step. 

In the first portion of the class, Mario demonstrates exactly how to make a sausage from start to finish using one The Healthy Butcher's trusty recipes to deliver mouth-watering Italian sausage as the finished product. He explains how the machinery works, how fine or coarse you can grind the meat and why, ingredients you can add, and finally how you get the meat into the casings to turn them into sausages. Once his demo is complete, the reigns are handed over to the students. 

Divided into groups of teams, each team is able to choose the type of meat they'd like (pork and/or beef), and how they want it ground. Once the meat is prepped for the teams, each group bids on the fresh ingredients to include in their team sausage, using $100 of their sausage dollars to bid for what they want. Although bidding for fresh ingredients can leave you with or without what you want, it would be almost impossible to make a bad sausage when using such high quality meat. As Mario pointed out, you could literally only add a bit of salt and pepper and you would still have a great-tasting sausage.

Before mixing everything by hand, a medley of dry spices (the choice and combination is unlimited to each team) is sprinkled throughout. Then, the casing stuffing begins! Stuffing the casings is probably the quickest part of the process as the meat mixture is pumped directly into the casings using the stuffing machine that is controlled manually. Once all the meat is pumped through, the links are formed by rotating sections in opposite directions of the desired length of each sausage. 

At the end of the class, a sausage cook off takes places to determine which team made the best sausage. Spoiler alert: everyone is a winner! Another spoiler alert: they're all going to taste really darn good. The best part is getting to take a bag of your homemade sausages home to eat later on.

If sausage making has ever crossed your mind, book your spot at the next class at The Healthy Butcher. If you've got a group of friends who love food and getting their hands dirty in the kitchen, it would be even more fun to attend with all of them! For more information on the Live to Eat Seminars click HERE.

Thank you for a great time Healthy Butcher!
(Article Contributed by Gracie Carroll)
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