Uncle Peter’s Man Guide to Man-Tivities

Posted: Dec 08 2014

Toronto Skincare Brand, Uncle Peter's Man Shares Their Guide to Man-Tivities In The City!

1. Sky Slamming

Get your best buds and dunk like a real pro with trampoline launch pads that bounce you up to ten feet in the air. No NBA skills required. Dunk out your friends and get some major competition on. Check out skyzone.com for locations in Canada.

2. The Real Escape

the real escape toronto

Alright, we’ve all seen the movies out there where it’s about ESCAPING for your life. Now it’s your turn, without your life being on the table, only just your ego. Real Escape Game, a new live gaming genre designed and developed in Japan, has arrived to Toronto, where you will actually be trapped in a room. Everything may seem normal at first, but on closer inspection you find a series of mysterious puzzles that must be solved within the hour in order to escape. Sherlock meets MacGyver. www.RealEscapeGame.ca

3. Get a Professional Straight Razor Shave

straight razor shave

There’s something about the  old fashioned ritual of the shave. Getting a professional straight razor shave is a uniquely male experience, even in this day and age. Treat yourself. Men need pampering too. Look up a reputable professional shaving service in your area.  

4. Archery

archery toronto

If the show ‘The Walking Dead’ has taught us anything, it’s making sure you’re prepared for zombie apocalyptic era. Because when the zombies come, and the bullets run out, you’ll still have a chance to be at the top of the food chain with your bad-ass bow and arrow skills. Archery classes is never a lost art. www.archerytoronto.ca

5. Axe throwing

axe throwing toronto

Need we say more? Nothing manlier than being a Viking and throwing an axe at wood. It’s fun and a great stress relief. Follow it up with having beers with friends, and you got the ultimate MAN-tivity. Check out www.batl.ca.

6. Shifter Karting

shifter karting

Enjoy a real life racing experience with shift karting. Hit a track and be that aspiring race car driver that you can’t do on the regular roads. Learn technical driving skills and the art of race-craft. www.goodwoodkartways.com


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