Sharad's Sagittarius Gift Guide

Posted: Dec 11 2014

We Caught Up with One of Our Favourite Sagittarians, Sharad Mohan of Freshly Educated Men, for His Guide to Shopping for a Sagittarius!

sagittarius gift ideas guide

Name: Sharad Mohan

Title: Founder/EIC Freshly Educated Men, Stylist, Community Manager & Online Editor at Gotstyle 

Birthday: November 30th

The Best Part About Being a Sagittarius:

Umm, being a Centaur! Half-man, half-horse you couldn't ask for a cooler zodiac. 

Favourite Sagittarius Traits:

Loyalty for sure, we're known for being amazing friends and well, the sex is good too! 

Advice for Gift Shopping for Sagittarius:

All that glitters isn't always gold- picking things that have sentimental value is key when shopping for a Sag. 

The Importance of Shopping Local:

As a Toronto blogger I love repping my city, so shopping local is very important to me. I also find people in my circle of friends and family genuinely appreciate gifts made from local artisans more than commercial gifts.


Sharad's Top 5 Picks from The Chic Canuck!

cambie blanket

Cambie Blanket in Black & White, $125

Quill & Tine Carleton Touchscreen Gloves in Black, $145


Said The King Co. Get Up, Make Out Pillow Set, $65

F. Miller Shave Oil, $34

Vintage CN Tower Cocktail Glass, $10


Shopping for your favourite Sagittarius?
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Thank you Sharad!!
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