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Posted: Dec 16 2014

East Coast Fashion and Beauty Blogger, Kayla Short of Short Presents, Shares Her City Guide to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

short presents halifax

We caught up with Halifax-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kayla Short of for her guide to what's good in Halifax, check it out below!


Where To Eat:

ardmore tea room halifax

Breakfast: My favorite place to go for breakfast (or brunch) would be the, The Ardmore Tearoom. I absolutely love everything about this place, not only does it have an old school diner vibe, but the food is actually great and cheap! It’s cash only so make sure you hit up the bank first. Order the Eggs Benny with Smoked Salmon because it’s the best and you won’t be disappointed. And those lightly spiced home fries?! Yeah you’ll definitely be thinking about those before Saturday rolls around again.
Lunch: Technically a grocery store, Pete’s Frootique is my go-to for lunch. If you pop into Pete’s on any given weekday at noon you can bet that it‘s bumping with business folk, but they’ve got it down to a science and you can get in there and get out without the worry of being late. Their to-go menu seriously rivals any restaurant in town, and they have a massive salad bar where you can choose anything from chick peas, grilled chicken, a plethora of cheeses, candied beets to whatever else is in season at the time. Not into salads? Grab one of their made-to-order sandwiches or paninis but don’t forget to add roasted veggies, they are delish! Pete‘s also offers a hot menu with alternating daily specials throughout the week that includes anything from burritos to omelets, so you can try something new every day guaranteeing that your lunch is never boring.
Dinner: For dinner I have a couple favourites in the city and it really depends on what I feel like eating. Halifax has an amazing diversity in terms of different types of restaurants and cuisine; whether you’re craving Japanese, Thai, Greek, Italian, or Chinese, or you’re a vegan, or you only want to eat local, there’s literally everything here, and that’s what I LOVE about Halifax. Some of my favorites include: Cha Ba Thai (get the spicy noodle with prawns), Sushi Nami, Bistro La Coq (you have to try the frites cooked in duck fat), and Salvatore’s (if you like garlic get the Sicilian).

Where to Drink:

onyx halifax


The Bar: With 3 major universities there’s no shortage of bars in Halifax with everything from dance bars to wine and cheese bars there’s something for everyone. My favorite is recently relocated and renovated Oynx. It is beeeeeeeauuuutiful inside, like I want to live there, and they honestly have the best drinks. I love the vibe there.
The Party: I’m not really one for clubbing, but every now and then I’ll go out dancing with the girls, and Cheers is always a good time, and if you really want to get crazy you can go downstairs to The Dome where all bets are off!

Where to Shop:

biscuit general store halifa

Much like our eclectic diversity of restaurants Halifax also has a plethora of great shops, and some of the best ones that are located right downtown. Biscuit General Store is a very neat shop that offers a lot of different clothing brands (often very on trend), and also a lot of other eclectic knick knacks too! You can’t go in this store and something not catch your eye. I love the Halifax Seaport Market, not only can you get a lot of your groceries for the week there’s also a lot of other great local artisans there as well. I absolutely love the Seafoam Lavender Shop; there’s nothing better than a lavender bath with a glass of wine after a long day at work.

Where To Get The Best Hostess Gift:

There’s a great Greek restaurant (Estia) that just recently closed down in Halifax and in addition to running the restaurant they also used to bottle their own special blend of flavored olive oil, and bake their own bread. It was a hard winter last year for a lot of restaurants because of the awful weather, and so when they closed down I seriously could have cried. Before they closed out I rushed down and stocked up and kept my fingers crossed that they’d be able to sell it again. And low and behold just recently they’ve resurfaced and are selling their olive oil again, and they even deliver locally, and will ship out upon request. Order by email at or on the Estia Oil facebook page.


Thank you Kayla!
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