The 5 Best Canadian Winter Boot Brands For Actually Staying Warm!

Posted: Jan 13 2015

Shopping for new winter boots? We have brought you 5 Canadian winter boot brands that will keep you super warm while battling Canada's winter! 

best canadian boots

1. Cougar 

cougar boots

Cougar has been bringing us waterproof boots for over 60 years. They are designed in Canada, which make them all too familiar with the adventures we like to get up too during the winter season.  Thinking of doing some back country hiking or spending a lot of time outdoors in general? Cougar boots are a great opinion for active adventures during the frosty months.


2. Pajar 

best canadian boots - pajar


Pajar Boots are manufactured in Montreal, Canada. These boots are 100% lined with genuine sheepskin to keep you cozy on the coldest days. Not only are they the perfect boot for a fashionista, but they will keep you warm up to -40 C. The Anchorage style in particular is perfect for staying cozy and CHIC!


3. La Canadienne Shoes

best canadian boots - La Canadienne Shoes


La Canadienne Shoes is a Canadian brand that has been making chic leather shoes and boots for over 70 years. While these boots not be as heavy duty and AS warm, we can't totally give up on fashion just because its cold out. It's always good to have super chic pair of winter boots on hand, and so long as you're not spending a ton of time outdoors, we highly recommend these ones.


4. Baffin 

 canadian boots baffin boots

Baffin is another amazing Canadian brand that specializes in that technical side we need for our winter boots. Baffin is not only designed to keep us warm, but also with style in mind. We love the rubber grip sole on Baffin boots for helping us to avoid embarrassing public wipe outs this season! 


5. Royal Canadian Grizzleez 

canadian winter boots - royal canadian grizzleez


Not only are the awesome boots from Baffin Made in Canada, but they are so very warm and can keep your tootsies toasty up to -30 C. The Brenton in Black is the perfect boot for stomping to work, or strolling on the weekends.


Stay warm folks!
(Article contributed by Katrina Lainsbury)
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