Skoah Spas in Calgary and Vancouver

Posted: Jan 16 2015

In Calgary or Vancouver? Be sure to stop by one of our favourite spas, Skoah. Our West Coast writer, Isobel, shares her experience.

skoah spa calgary vancouver

It’s currently minus 25 degrees at home. Home being Calgary, Alberta, where a friend visiting from England asked me yesterday if I was "paid to live in a tundra". While I love Calgary dearly, and its accompanying snowfalls, I’ll be the first to admit that the cold weather can take a toll on your skin. 

Enter Skoah, a Canadian spa and skincare brand hailing from Vancouver’s Yaletown, here to rescue our skin from those imperviously harsh winters. Back in 2001, founders Chris and Andrea Scott set out to create a new spa experience— think downtempo lounge beats rather than whale music or pan pipes; think modern, bright and gender neutral interior spaces (the Liberal Arts girl inside me loves that last part). Their spa services focus on facials, while their beauty products range from body lotions to pet shampoos. All products are Made in Canada with natural ingredients, a highly attractive brand asset in a market of outsourced and chemically-riddled skin care products. 

skoah spa calgary vancouver

On a particularly chilly day, I was invited into Calgary’s Kensington location (which is beautiful by the way) as in introduction to their new line of Target Session facials. The Target Sessions menu consists of four short, intense facials focused on a single goal, all of which address the top four skin care concerns. I was treated to the “Detox” facial, which, while short— I was in and out within half an hour— did a perfect job at cleansing and detoxifying my skin. This particular session focuses on extraction, so although my face looked like I had been in the direct sun for about 100 hours too long, the redness went down almost immediately. 

Not a fan of extraction? Not to worry, the remaining “Glow”, “Peel”, and “Rewind” sessions can address any outstanding skin care needs. Prices range from $45-55, and are great for customers crunched on time.

I’ll admit, even a snow-lover like myself doesn't want to leave my warn bed at 25 below zero. But alas, the world beckons. Thankfully, Skoah can help ensure our skin won’t pay the price. 

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(Article contributed by Isobel Chiang)
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