Canadian Supermodel Heather Marks On The Cover of GLOW

Posted: Jan 23 2015

Did you know that Canada is responsible for some of the world's most gorgeous supermodels? Get to know Calgary-born doe-eyed beauty Heather Marks on this month's cover of Glow Magazine.

It probably comes as no surprise that The Chic Canuck team is a little obsessed with Canadian supermodels. I mean, how can you not be proud of such incredible beauties from our gorgeous country? Naturally, we want to know as much about their day-to-day not-so-regular lives as possible, and so we can't wait to dive into the exclusive interview with Heather Marks to be released in the (free) issue of Glow Magazine hitting stands (at your local Shoppers Drug Mart) at the end of the month.

heather marks glow magazine

Here are a few excerpts and behind the scenes photos to get you excited:

Reminiscing about her physical appearance at 12 years old:

“I was very tomboy and very weird. It took me a long time to grow into my body.”

On living in New York:

“I disliked New York for a very long time, and now I’ve grown to love it. That being said, I need to get away. I love the mountains, I need nature.” 

heather marks

On her start in modeling and working with legendary photographer Steven Meisel:

“I don’t think you know how important those jobs are. You’re working with such iconic people at that age.”  

On the type of person she sees herself settling down with:

“[Canadians] are a little more down-to-earth and removed from my world. I like to go snowboarding, go quading, go hiking … maybe there’s a different mentality there.”

heather marks

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