Jay Strut's Aquarius Gift Guide

Posted: Jan 29 2015

We Caught Up with One of Our Favourite Aquarians, Jay Strut of JayStrut.com, for His Guide to Shopping for an Aquarius!

Name: Jay Strut

Title: Still figuring that out! 

Birthday: February 7th Nineteen Ninety YOUNG

The Best Part About Being a Aquarius:

I am not really super familiar with my zodiac sign but from what people tell me I am the ultimate Aquarius. I just go with the flow and I'm down for whatever!

Favourite Aquarius Traits:

Being easy going.

Advice for Gift Shopping for Aquarius:

They can have it all or nothing at all. Just get them something that you know is from the heart and has thought in it.


Jay's Top 5 Picks from The Chic Canuck!

natural face oil

F. Miller Face Oil, $74

Nelle Han Rose Stem Bangle, $186


Fuck, You Love Me Pillows, $70


Dante Convertible Chain by Dolorous, $120


No Hands Bowl by Said The King


Get 10% off all Aquarian purchases on the site by using the code AQUA!

Thank you Jay!!



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