5 Creative Canadian Couples

Posted: Feb 08 2015

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we decided to highlight 5 of our favourite creative Canadian couples. Find out who they are, where they like to go, and why it works!


~Pat & Rebecca~

The Couple: Pat O’Rourke, Photographer & Rebecca Ramsdale, Visual Merchandiser, Social Media Coordinator, Photographer.

Together: Two years this Valentines day!

The Meeting Point:
We met at a bar through a mutual friend. We hung out all night then went for shwarmas afterwards. The following week we went bowling, and the rest is history!

Relationship In One Word:
Pat: Perfect
Rebecca: Unconditional

Ideal Date Together:
Grabbing a coffee at a local coffee shop, then walking around the city, popping into shops or whatever we pass by. We don’t plan our route, we usually just pick an area to go to, then explore there.

Favourite Spots in Toronto:
Flora Pizza has quickly become one of our favourite pizza places- we order a large cheese every Friday. Cherry Bombs is our regular weekend coffee spot. We love shopping at vintage and thrift stores. In the summer we spend a lot of time bike riding, whether there is a destination in mind or not. We also love checking out local art shows.

Advice For Balancing Creative and Personal Lives Together:
Always be supportive, and always be honest. Help them when they need it, and encourage them to be the best they can whenever you can. Love them unconditionally, and never stop learning from them. Give feedback and get feedback even if it makes you uncomfortable. Don’t forget that you two are growing together, and you should stop every once and a while and look how far you’ve come.


Valentine's Day Gift Picks from The Chic Canuck:


vintage mickey mouse mug

Rebecca for Pat: I would buy the Vintage Mickey Mouse Mug for Pat. We really enjoy vintage pieces, especially housewares, and Pat really likes Mickey, so I think it would be perfect for drinking hot chocolate!
cambie blanket

Pat to Rebecca: If I had to pick one item for Rebecca, I would choose the Cambie Black and White Blanket. I think she would love a nice new blanket for our couch for the winter, especially considering shes always very cold. I also think she would appreciate that its designed locally here in Toronto.


~Daniel & Julio~

daniel and julio



The Couple: Daniel Desforges of DoTheDaniel.com and Julio Reyes of Fashionights.com


Together: We actually just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on February 1st!

The Meeting Point:
We always love to see people's reaction when we share this with them. We met on Instagram via a mutual friend and Daniel asked Julio out via Twitter. We are truly a representation of romance in the age of social media!

Relationship In One Word:
Complimentary. We balance each other out in all the right ways.

Ideal Date Together:
A home cooked meal on the couch watching Netflix Canada or a night out at the movies. Based upon the busy life we live, quiet time is essential for balance.

Favourite Spots In Toronto:
When we have a staycation, we always chose to stay at Trump Toronto. It has been a landmark for major moments in our relationship such as birthdays and anniversaries. When we eat out, our attitude is to try out new places and cuisines. There are so many options in Toronto that we have yet to try! But hands down the thing we enjoy the most doing together is a date night at the movies.

Advice For Balancing Creative and Personal Lives Together:
Taking the initiative to turn off the phones is key to balancing our working and personal relationship. We have to be "on" so often throughout the day that even an hour of just us time without the distractions is necessary. Take time to write those love notes or get the just because flowers. Simple gestures go a long way!


Valentine's Day Gift Picks from The Chic Canuck:


Daniel to Julio: I would buy these Fuck, You Love Me pillows for Julio because they are like him in a lot of ways. Loving and beautiful but also sometimes vulgur and crass. He is the perfect balance and they are a perfect addition to the bedroom. I love the duality of the message and it's very relationship apropos. Sometimes one side is more relevant than the other, but that's kind of what a relationship is like.
faux fur pillow
Julio to Daniel: Daniel is OBSESSED with pillows and would buy ten of these Faux Fur Pillows if he could. I would prefer them to be real fur, but I love how comfortable they look. Combining them with the other pillows available from The Chic Canuck is a great way to spice up the living room or bedroom. I know that I would find Daniel napping on this the moment he opened it for Valentine's Day and I love how much he would love it. Plus this beautiful colour matches our decor perfectly!


~Johnny & Nina~


The Couple: Nina Gilmour, Actor & Johnny Hockin, Producer


Together: We have been together almost 3 years!

The Meeting Point:
We met at Red Light on Dundas through a mutual friend but it all began after a (somewhat) semi blind double date was set up by our friends Gracie and Josh. We went to a Bacardi party at the Ritz and then all had dinner on the patio at Bairrada on College street. Afterwards Johnny walked me home and asked for my number. We've been inseparable since.


Relationship In One Word:
Nina: Rambunctious
Johnny: Fun

Ideal Date Together:
Our first date...we met up at the liquor store, bought a bottle of Jameson, got some rotis at Bacchus in Parkdale and then went down to the beach for a picnic. I made some homemade iced tea and he brought a blanket.  

Favourite Spots in Toronto:
We love going to Union on Ossington for brunch, swimming at the Trinity Bellwoods pool, movies at TIFF, burgers at Allen's on the Danforth, coffee at Sam James on Queen, Ethiopian at Nazareth, antiques at St. Lawrence market, Enoteca Social on Dundas and then Liquid Karaoke at Bambi's right across the street. But seriously? Being lazy in bed... That's our # 1 spot.

Advice For Balancing Creative and Personal Lives Together:
Champagne and whiskey.


Valentine's Day Gift Picks from The Chic Canuck:
Johnny to Nina: Nina loves elegant jewellery so I would get her the Nelle Han Serenity Ring in gold.
le jolie laide leather camera strap
Nina to Johnny: Johnny is a camera guy so I would get him Le Jolie Laide Camera Strap in Aztec Noir.


~Richard & Simon~

richard and simon quill & tine


The Couple: Richard KC and Simon IP, Founders and Designers of Quill & Tine.


Together: We will be celebrating our 6th anniversary this March in Barcelona.

The Meeting Point:
We met in Toronto when we were both university students. Richard was having a little get together at his house and one of our mutual friends invited Simon to come by. We ended up drinking the night away, which ended with late-night Korean!

Relationship In One Word:
Inspired. We are two very different and polar opposite individuals, thus we often challenge each other in a (usually) positive way.

Ideal Date Together:
Exploring a new city together. We love traveling and it brings us joy whenever we spend time
discovering new places together. We both have an inherent sense of curiosity and while [Richard] has an exceptional sense of direction, [Simon] enjoys (well, can't help but) getting lost, so it's a good balance! Creating lasting memories with each other is priceless.

Favourite Spots in Toronto:
We love to eat and try different types of cuisines. You will most likely see us in restaurants across town enjoying the variety of amazing food Toronto has to offer. Ethiopiques, Khao San Road, Korean Village, 'Lil Baci, People's Eatery, Cocktail Bar, nom!  

Advice For Balancing Creative and Personal Lives Together:
The line between both is often blurry, but we try to live by a few guidelines: never discuss business in the bedroom; go out to avoid cabin fever (we work and live in our studio); try to stick to a schedule. However, owning a creative-based business, it's not inconceivable to regard it as an important part of our lives, creative or personal otherwise.

Valentine's Day Gift Picks from The Chic Canuck:
cambie blanket
Simon to Richard: I'd gift the Cambie black & white blanket, so we can snuggle at home and watch movies.
Richard to Simon: Ew Simon, you're so cheesy! But, I do like the snuggles. And movies. So I'd gift the J&J Made Buffalo Check Pillow and the faux fur pillow so we can stay in all day in comfort!


~Gracie & Josh~

The Couple: Gracie Carroll, Editor and Founder of GracieCarroll.com and TheChicCanuck.com & Josh McGuirk, producer and musician.

Together: Going on 3.5 years!

The Meeting Point:
I spotted Josh DJing at the Topshop launch party that I'd snuck into at The Hoxton. I recognized him from his band, Styrofoam Ones, and went up to him to ask him to play one of their songs. When he didn't play the song within five minutes I thought he was being a jerk and left. The next morning, hungover, I tweeted him and added him on Facebook. Later he asked me out via Facebook message. We met up for a drink at 416 Snackbar and never looked back.

Relationship In One Word:
Gracie: Complimentary.
Josh: Loving.

Ideal Date Together:
Since our professional lives are so busy, we love to spend time relaxing at home together. It really is precious when you don't get to spend a lot of time at home, especially away from computers and phones. We love to cook great food, drink nice wine and watch a funny movie on Netflix. When we do leave the house we love a weekend away in Niagara-On-The-Lake or a few days at Gracie's cottage in the summer to really shut off and enjoy time with each other, away from everything else.

Favourite Spots in Toronto:
416 Snackbar is still one of our favourite places to go in the city, and every Saturday we walk up to Cabbagetown to grab a breakfast sandwich from the Epicure Deli. To be honest, our home is our favourite spot in the city. We love staying in together, and having friends and family over for a dinner party to socialize.

Advice For Balancing Creative and Personal Lives Together:
Since we both work for different companies by day, and on our own projects at night, it's really important for us to carve out specific times to spend together that doesn't involve working. We normally try to pick at least one night during the week that's "date night", even if that means just cooking dinner at home together. As creative people we both recognize the need for personal space and for that reason we're both grateful to have a spare room for Josh's man cave/studio/office, and Gracie can work from wherever she feels comfortable in the house. Most of the time that's in bed with Netflix on in the background.

Valentine's Day Gift Picks from The Chic Canuck:

Josh to Gracie: Gracie is never properly prepared for outdoor winter and never has gloves with her when she should. I'd get these Ponyskin Touchscreen Gloves by Quill & Tine to keep her warm. Plus she loves anything with fur!
shave oil
Gracie to Josh: Since Josh has sensitive skin I love finding him great natural products to use. The 3PETE 416 is perfect for him because it is a triple action product -- face oil, beard oil and aftershave. I also love the subtle scent with notes of vanilla which is a bonus for me!


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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