Top 5 Canadian Lingerie Brands

Posted: Feb 08 2015

Looking and Feeling Sexy Once You've Stripped Down Isn't Hard Thanks To These 5 Gorgeous Canadian Lingerie Brands.

1. Christine Lingerie

Christine Lingerie Canda

Christine Lingerie is a Canadian brand that is a celebrity favourite! To name drop a few, we'll mention Katie Holmes, Oprah, and Gwyneth Paltrow. This brand is filled with a wide variety of options for sexy night in. We consider Christine Lingerie the luxury Canadian lingerie line.


2. Mary Young

mary young lingerie

Mary Young is a Toronto-based lingerie designer who graduated from Ryerson University's fashion program. Having recently been featured on as a "New sexy lingerie Brand", this is one Canadian talent you're going to want to keep an eye on. With her collections under $100, she has many options to choose from at an affordable price point. Click HERE to shop Mary Young on The Chic Canuck!


3. Fortnight Lingerie

fortnight lingerie canada

Manufactured in Toronto at their downtown HQ, Fortnight Lingerie offers a wide variety of styles to choose from in their signature vintage-inspired cuts. With a price tag from $40 - $300 you can expect this brand to make you feel both pretty and sexy whether its on an everyday basis, or on a special night.


 4. Sokoloff Lingerie


This Montreal-based company is 100% made in Quebec. Having only been in the business since 2011, Sokoloff Lingerie is definitely one to keep on your radar. Nothing is sexier than being born and raised in Canada!

5. With Love Lingerie

With Love Lingerie

With Love Lingerie started in 2010 and caters to those who love that sophisticated but racy lingerie. Manufactured in Canada, their collections all tell a story and stick withing a great price range of under $100. This is a brand to know if you're looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom.
(Article Contributed by Katrina Lainsbury)
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  • Posted by Louis vezza on March 24, 2016

    I don’t think you can purchase any softer silk on the market than yours since I have purchased second hand gown of yours and it is adorable soft and cannot go to bed without it. It’s better than great, i just wished I had one of your silk long nighties as that would be a dream for me as I am not well of with money as it had to go on my hep c virus

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