Making the best out of your Night in Toronto

Posted: Feb 24 2015

Over The Club And Into The Lounge? Find Out Why We Love D.W. Alexander For Classic Cocktails And A Modern Vibe.

dw alexander toronto

The night life of Toronto is very chaotic. The city attracts numerous visitors, and together with the local population, it makes for an enormous number of people that would like to go out and party. As the economy dictates, the demand attracts the supply. Today, Toronto is a city with numerous restaurants, bars, lounges and night clubs. It is the entertainment capital of Canada and home to many performers. The local establishments are following the global trends when it comes to the music and interior design. Most of the bars and clubs have their individual theme; they promote different alcohol and events. When it comes to the cocktail offer, one place ranks among the best bars in Toronto and Canada. This place is the home of D.W. Originals, the cocktail lounge D.W. Alexander.

    As it is with many popular clubs and lounges in Toronto, this one is also situated in the center of the city. Toronto’s public transport has the reputation of very dependable public service. Wherever you are in the city, you can feel assured that there won’t be any problem reaching the downtown or returning from it. Unfortunately, like many other cities all over the world, there isn’t much parking space on the street. Although, rest assured that there are many parking garages for your car.

dw alexander toronto

The bar itself is really trendy with a great interior. It is mostly made out of wood (as any proper bar should) in black and brown color. Everything inside is new and clean. Furthermore, it might be too much for someone that is not accustomed to luxury in such establishments. To others, it just might be a home away from home. The bar is made to look as a gentlemen’s club. The web site of the company strengthens that feeling. It is very well done with lots of different picture of people from late 18th and 19th century and many, witty, drinking proverbs.

    As they say, what you see is what you get. The management of this bar supports high quality drinks. The menu is excellent, there is something for everyone. There are many different types of vodka, rum, gin, bourbon, Canadian and Irish whiskey, scotch, tequila, wine and beer. Although the choice of liquor is vast and excellent, this bar is best known for its cocktails. Besides the classical, there are before mentioned D.W. Originals. These drinks are made from numerous ingredients, good part of them are home made. Don’t be surprised if you see things such as D.W. Saffron Infused London Dry Gin and D.W. Lavender Reposado Tequila on the list.  The biggest drawback to this club are its prices, they are above the average. Be certain that the service and the products which you receive for your money are more than enough to compensate for it.


dw alexander toronto

    There aren’t many places in Toronto that are as original as D.W. Alexander. This great club unites splendid atmosphere, great service and high quality drinks. All of that makes for a best night possible in T.O.


Have fun and enjoy!
(Article Contributed by Nick Stokes)


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