Toronto’s Best Vegan Spots

Posted: Mar 02 2015

Toronto is internationally known as a hub for culturally diverse dining, but what about the vegan side of things? Here's our list of the best vegan spots in the city:

As soon as someone becomes a vegan their eating out options start to diminish. They become that friend that everyone makes a big deal about going out with, and you always have to eat before you leave, just in case the group picks a steak house. It’s a hard world out there for the newbies to the vegan lifestyle, but Toronto has some delicious gems that won’t just satisfy the modern-day herbivore. Here are some of the best vegan spots in the city for every schedule and craving:

Something Sweet:

bunner's toronto

This bakery is located in both the Junction and Kensington Market, slowly marking its territory in all of Toronto’s coolest areas. The amazing thing about this bakery is that fact that it doesn’t have a special vegan or gluten free menu -- that is the whole menu!
Oh and did I mention they that they have cinnamon buns? Yes, you heard right, the treat that all vegans are always on the hunt for. Not to mention their Pop Hearts, the vegan Pop Tart, is beyond adorable.

On the Run:

bolt fresh bar toronto

Bolt Fresh Bar:
Finding a quick stop for food always feels like mission impossible for a vegan, but Bolt Fresh Bar on Queen St. W is finally saving us. Their arrays of interesting and tasty smoothies are concoctions that are going to make you want to try them all. But the acai bowls with whipped coconut cream and trail mix granola, is the real winner here and will keep you going all day long.

Lunch Break:

kupfert and kim toronto


Kupfert & Kim:

Between the recent second location and launch of extended menu, Kuperfet & Kim is putting its name on the map as a vegan hot spot. The menu alone will be the only thing on your mind until lunch, and when that time comes around the big kim burger and a vanilla cacao smoothie on the side will be exactly what you need. Say goodbye to your boring noon salad after you try this one.

Saturday Night:

porter house toronto

 Porter House

This Brit-style pub is sure to be what you can pitch to your group of friends on the weekend when everyone gets indecisive. Between the beer battered dumplings and lentil and ale pie, non-vegans might not even realize they’re in a vegan pub. The owners are very familiar with the vegan food scene in Toronto and their experience is evident in Porter House’s unique take on classic dishes and relaxed atmosphere.


(Article Contributed by Lindsay Sganga)
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