A Chic Cocktail with Canadian Club Rye

Posted: Apr 05 2015

There’s Nothing We Love More Than a Chic Cocktail – Especially When It’s Made with Canadian Whisky Like Canadian Club!

canadian club recipes - the chic canuck

Last week The Chic Canuck was at Canadian Club’s #IHeartRye event in at Citizen in Toronto to celebrate the newest addition to their award-winning line, the Chairman’s Select 100% Rye.

We munched on delicious comfort foods like poutine and gourmet hot dogs while we sampled the goods and Matt Jones, the city’s top “Whisky Chef” taught us how to stir up classic cocktails.  

Canadian Club 100% Rye is aged using only rye grain in high quality bourbon barrels – the result is a smooth and spicy drink that tastes great on its own (“neat”) or on the rocks, and fabulous in a cocktail.

Here are two chic cocktail recipes to try using Canadian Club Rye!


canadian club recipes - the chic canuck


2oz Canadian Club® Chairman’s Select™ 100% Rye
1/2 oz raw sugar syrup*
2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters
Orange zest garnish
Amarana cherry (or quality maraschino cherry)

Stir ingredients with cracked ice in a mixing glass. In a separate lowball Old Fashioned glass, express oils of lemon into the glass. Pour cocktail over freshly iced and oiled glass. Use lemon peel to wrap amarana cherry for garnish

* Simple syrup made with raw sugar (2 sugar to 1 water) – boil 1 cup of water; remove from heat and add two cups of raw sugar.


canadian club recipes - the chic canuck


1 ½ oz Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye
¼ egg white (optional)
1 oz fresh lemon
1 oz elderflower and ginger syrup
1 dash black walnut bitters

Shake all ingredients vigorously without ice for 10 seconds. Add cracked (or cubed) ice and re-shake for another 10 seconds minimum. Serve straight up with no ice into a chilled cocktail glass (champagne or cocktail coupe) with fine strainer (e.g. tea strainer).


(article contributed by Michelle Pinchev)
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