Julio Reyes of Fashionights' Taurus Guide

Posted: Apr 20 2015

We Caught Up With One Of Our Favourite Taureans, Julio Reyes of Fashionights.com, For His Guide To Shopping For A Taurus!

Name: Julio Reyes

Title: Fashion Stylist/Creative Director/Blogger

Birthday: May 5 1988

The Best Part About Being a Taurus:

I normally get what I want.

Favourite Taurus Traits:

I'd have to say that I can be driven when I really want something and I don't back down from the challenge(s) that pop up and we're also a passionate sign, if you catch my drift...

Advice for Gift Shopping for a Taurus:

We tend to live a life of luxury and like a pampered life. But don't let those tendencies get you into trouble, be mindful on what you spend your money and spend a little extra on investment pieces.

Julio's Top 5 picks from The Chic Canuck!


f miller hair oil - the chic canuck

F.Miller Hair Oil, $38

"There are days you want to add life to your hair - and shine too? I'm in."


Nelle Han Rose Stem Bangle in Silver, $186

"I've always mixed gold and silver, even when it wasn't deemed acceptable - but this delicate piece embodies the edge without being in your face about it. And it's designed in Toronto."


J & J MADE Vintage Red HBC Pillow, $175

"I'm not sure if they had me at HBC or down-filled. I'm all for Canadiana and nothing says Canada than HBC (the country was founded thanks to the fur trade!) and this striking pillow breathes life to any room."


But First, Coffee Print, $28

"I mean, it's coffee. Nothing nor a day starts without it. Nothing."


Cambie Design Black And White Blanket, $125

"Probably my favourite piece on the site because I'm a sucker for natural fabrics. I also love the Peruvian heritage to the luxe blanket. Cue the Western influences in menswear right now; I'm that person who's wearing the blanket as a shawl."


Get 10% off all Taurean purchases on the site by using the code TAURUS!

Thank You Julio!!



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