Meet Chrystal MacLeod of Harlow Skincare

Posted: May 18 2015

#ShopTCC recently picked up its first line from Vancouver, Harlow Skin Co., and we wanted to get to know the brand, and the woman behind it, a little better. Find out more below!

harlow skin co

Here at The Chic Canuck we carry Canadian goods made by Canadians. We rave on our site about how much we love the products, but the truth is we love the people behind them just as much. Which is why we’ve decided to let you know a bit about the entrepreneurs behind the brands we decide to carry—so you can love them too.

First up, Chrystal MacLeod of Harlow Skin Co.—our newest West Coast addition—chats with us about why she started the company, her perfect day and just what makes Harlow Skincare quintessentially Canadian.

The Chic Canuck: How did Harlow Skin Co. Start?
Chrystal MacLeod: Harlow began with me trying to create face and body products that were free of unnecessary fillers, additives or preservatives, with a style and scent that I just couldn’t find!  I have been in the beauty industry for over 12 years and one day I just woke up and knew I needed to create something whole and real—something that embodied what true luxury is—merging aesthetics, function and well being.  A conscious alternative to our everyday routines without sacrificing the little things we love.  
TCC: Tell us a bit about your creative processes.
CM: I love to cook so this has been very helpful.  I am a very hands-on person so when coming up with new scents I usually just tinker about with various things until I’ve hit the jackpot. That being said, my brain works in photos and recipes.  When I should be listening, I’m usually dreaming up the next collection of products so by the time I get to tinkering I’ve had a few months of lost conversations but a head full of great ideas.

harlow skin co

TCC: Tell us, what does your day typically look like?
CM: I wake up around 7 am and usually go straight to coffee whether that involves a walk to my spot or some good old fashioned French press.  I get to work around 9am and depending on the day I will start right into production, deliveries or emails.  I try and get in some sort of physical activity before doing dinner and bed.

TCC: What does a perfect Canadian day look like?
CM: Sunshine, coffee and a good hike up a mountain followed by a delicious dinner with friends.

TCC: What do you think makes Harlow Skincare quintessentially Canadian?
CM: I think Harlow embodies a lot of what makes Canada and the people who live here so great.  We care and we are kind.  These things are the backbone of Harlow’s mission for a cleaner alternative to daily routines.  We care about our future self, the future of our planet and we know that by reducing our usage of unnecessary chemicals and packaging we can contribute to a sustainable future.    

TCC: What are some important values/ideas that you hope to convey with your brand?
CM: Our mantra is to make a great product, tell a great story and build great relationships.  We value integrity and transparency so we create clean, luxury conscious alternative products that contribute to piece-of-mind as well as health and well being with global sustainability as our stretch goal!  Go team!!

TCC: If you weren’t handcrafting skincare products you would be…?
CM: I can’t really imagine not doing it, but if I weren’t, I think I would be would be traveling the world in search of ways to make the planet a better place through education of conscious alternatives—all the while enjoying the beauty of it all.

TCC: What are some other Canadian brands that you want us to know about?
CM: I’m not sure if you have it out east yet but Earnest Ice Cream.  It is everything on a rainy Vancouver day or any day really.  Lissu linen and Nuez Nut Mylk and Farmacie are doing beautiful things in our community of makers and shakers!

TCC: What’s a personal favourite from #ShopTCC?
CM: Said the King Fuck You, Love Me pillowcases!  I want them so bad!

Click HERE to shop the Harlow Skin Co. range on #ShopTCC now!
Thank you Chrystal!
(Article contributed by Alexandra Donaldson @alxdonaldson)


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