Gracie Carroll's Top 5 Items from #ShopTCC She Can't Travel Without

Posted: Jun 09 2015

Have you heard? Our founder, Gracie Carroll, co-stars in Air Transat and Flare Magazine's new web travel series, Style Jaunt, alongside Camille DG of Le Cahier! Here she shares her must-have travel products from The Chic Canuck!

style jaunt - gracie carroll's top travel picks from The Chic Canuck

Travelling is in my blood. It always has been, and it always will be. Naturally, having FLARE approach me to take part in their new web travel series with Air Transat was a dream come true, to say the least.

It's been a wild ride so far, and an amazing one at that. From meeting Camille for the first time, to going all the way to Portugal together - I couldn't imagine a better experience and opportunity. It's of course a bonus that we have already developed a close friendship in such a short amount of time. Recently the first episode of Style Jaunt from our trip to Lisbon was released, and you can watch it below!

Since I pack up my suitcase so often for work, and pleasure, there are certain products and items I've come to rely on, especially from The Chic Canuck. Here are 5 of my favourite products to travel with and why:

1. Ella's Magic Balm

ella's magic balm - the chic canuck
This multi-use balm really is magic, and it's no surprise why its one of the best-selling items on our site - it really works! I love having this great all-natural balm in my purse at all times because it's great for moisturizing lips, hands, face, body and even hair! It can also help heal scars or cuts if things happen to get a little wild on your adventures. Click HERE to check it out in the shop.

Harlow's All-Natural Candles:

harlow skincare candles - the chic canuck
I'm not sure what it is, but often I have trouble settling in to a new hotel room - no matter how nice it is. One of my favourite ways to relax and get things feeling a little more like home is by using aromatherapy and lighting a candle. I love that these all-natural candles by Harlow from Vancouver come with a screw top lid to keep everything protected while traveling. My personal favourite is the Orange Flower scent, as well as Smoke for something with a more masculine edge. Click HERE to view them in the shop.

Aromacentric's On-The-Spot Aromatherapy

aromacentric roll on aromatherpy - the chic canuck
The reason for this selection is obvious considering my comment above. You'll rarely catch me travelling without Aromacentric's on-the-spot aromatherapy on hand. My personal favourites are 'Settle' and 'Happy Place' which I always roll on when I get on the plane, as well as into my hotel room. There's something about the smell that is so calming to me. Click HERE to check them out.

Evoke's Vegan Perfume

evoke vegan perfume - the chic canuck


As we all know, travelling with full-size liquids is not only inconvenient and heavy, but can cause problems at the airport, and in your suitcase. I do love travelling with some perfume in my purse, or my beauty bag, and I love that Evoke makes this possible! The small bottles are perfect to throw in any bag and won't get flagged by security. Click HERE to check them out, did I mention they're vegan?


The Chic Canuck Tote Bag

the chic canuck tote bag - #tcctote

It probably comes as no surprise that one of my favourite things to do when exploring a new city is SHOP! I always pack extra tote bags from The Chic Canuck to carry things I pick up while away, and help bring them back. You'll actually get this free with any order this month! Click HERE to see it in the shop.

Feel free to email me personally at if you have any questions about these products, or any products you see on the site that you're interested in! Be sure to use code JUNE to have your purchase + a  #TCCtote shipped to you for FREE all month long!

Click HERE to watch episodes 2 & 3 from our trip to Lisbon on! xo


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