Ask An Islander About Prince Edward Island

Posted: Jun 28 2015

Heading East This Summer? Find out About Prince Edward Island's New Ask An Islander Program And Get A Local Ambassador To Help Plan Your Trip With The Best Insider Tips!

For obvious reasons, we here at The Chic Canuck are very big on highlighting travel destinations within our own beautiful country of Canada. We've found it alarming to come across so many young professionals who have traveled half the world, but less than half of their own country. And it's more common than you think. Since we're always interested to know where people would like to travel in Canada next, we've found it interesting that most often the answer we receive names the East Coast as the place to discover next. And we've gotta say, we feel the same way.

Naturally, we were thrilled to receive an invite to attend an intimate dinner with Tourism Prince Edward Island at Ruby Watch Co. during their recent visit to Toronto. The evening wasn't just about indulging in a fabulous meal made by one of our favourite Canadian chefs, Lynn Crawford, at her east-end restaurant, but to learn about the Island's newly launched program, Ask An Islander.

Perfect for travelers interested in visiting and filled with questions about Prince Edward Island, the Ask An Islander campaign is designed to help connect new visitors with locals to get the best insider knowledge available. You can imagine how much more streamlined the information you receive will be (compared to say, Yelp), since the program features hand-picked ambassadors to help provide the best, and more informed, answers to each question.

Being the foodies that we are, the first question we wanted to Ask an Islander was where to get the best lobster roll. Unsurprisingly, someone had already beat us to it, and was answered - in great detail - by ambassador Barbara Mayhew who serves as a federal public servant by day, and moonlights as a food blogger of My Island Bistro Kitchen.

What's fun about browsing the site is that not only can you submit your own questions to be answered by the island's ambassadors, but you can flip through each category of interest - Culinary, Culture, General, Golf, Outdoors - and see what other people have asked, and the answers they received. It's likely you'll even stumble across a few comments that will inspire some unexpected additions to your own travel itinerary.

We loved that Ambassador Mitchell Rennie shared when, where, and how to go clam digging when visiting Prince Edward Island which is certainly something we would love to do. But, of course, P.E.I. isn't only about delicious fresh seafood and gorgeous seaside views, there's plenty of music and culture to discover too. In fact, at dinner we were treated to a private performance by one of the Island's most loved singer-songwriters, Meaghan Blanchard, who is also an ambassador for the culture section of the Ask An Islander program.

if you're heading east this summer, you now know what to do - Ask An Islander! Click HERE to get started!




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