Meet Toronto-Based Designer Mary Young

Posted: Jul 27 2015

Our girl Alexandra Donaldson caught up with  Mary Young - the first fashion label to hit #ShopTCC - to chat about her mega-babe lingerie line and some of her Canadian faves.

The Chic Canuck: How did your lingerie line start?
Mary Young: I studied Fashion Communications at Ryerson University and during my fourth year I decided to do both a capstone and five piece collection, where the concept of a lifestyle lingerie and loungewear line was birthed, resulting in the MARY YOUNG brand.

TCC: Tell us a bit about your creative processes.
MY: To be honest the creative process never really starts or ends, it’s always happening. I’m constantly people watching to see how women interact with their clothing and how their confidence relates to what they wear. I also keep up with new trends as well as scanning through social media to get inspiration from my target demographic. At the end of the day I really put myself in my customers shoes and design garments that would compliment their life.

TCC: Tell us, what does your day typically look like?
MY: My typical day is anything from typical since I’m involved in all areas of the company. I often spend an hour or two a day on emails and outreach, growing awareness for the brand. Often times I’m looking for inspiration, whether it’s out and about or browsing new fabrics. I may have some patterns to draft/edit or samples to sew and fit, very hands-on work that gives me great excitement to provide my customers with new garments. Whether it’s, shipping or social media, I love being involved in all areas of the company. It keeps me on my toes and makes for a different day each day.

mary young lingerie - the chic canuck

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TCC: What are some personal highlights, milestones from your work history?
MY: The biggest highlight would have to be a feature on Refinery29 just a few months after starting the business. I was so flattered to be named as one of The New Lingerie Brands You Need to Know Now.

TCC: What does a perfect Canadian day look like?
MY: A perfect Canadian day to me would have to be late summer, early fall when the weather is warm but the night cools off. In my dream world it would involve exploring my city, having brunch with friends, visiting small boutiques and ending it with dinner and drinks on a patio. Of course supporting locally owned restaurants and stores every step of the way.

TCC: What do you think makes Mary Young (the brand) quintessentially Canadian?
MY: The MARY YOUNG brand is quintessentially Canadian because it’s made in Canada and supports other Canadian companies and creative individuals.

TCC: What are some important values/ideas that you hope to convey with your brand?
MY: MARY YOUNG is proudly made in Canada and we believe Canada is an amazing place. Oftentimes we overlook our home and the amazing talent we have here; one of the smartest things we can do is invest back into our own economy. One of the main missions of the MARY YOUNG brand is to encourage women to embrace their natural shape and focus on comfort. After all when a woman is comfortable and confident she is undeniably sexy.

TCC: If you weren’t doing this you would be…?
MY: Probably working at a startup in a creative industry. I’m an entrepreneur at heart so whether it’s my own company or another growing one, I live for the excitement of playing an integral role in small company.

TCC: What are some other Canadian brands that you want us to know about?
MY: Some of my favourite Canadian brands are Ela handbags, Erin Kleinberg, Armed Jewelry and Kotn.

bacon and eggs plate

Mary's Top Pick from The Chic Canuck!

TCC: What’s your personal favourite from your line?
MY: My personal favourite would have to be the Contrast Bra, perfect for low cut tees and unbelievably comfy.

TCC: What’s a personal favourite from The Chic Canuck shop?
MY: My favourite would have to be the Said The King plates, especially the Eggs & Bacon plate, I’m a huge breakfast fan!


Thank you Mary!!
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(Article Contributed by Alexandra Donaldson)
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