Experience Cottage Eats In The City with The Carbon Bar x Cottage Life Menu!

Posted: Aug 09 2015

Experience cottage eating while staying in the city! Head over to The Carbon Bar on Queen East for a true taste of summer.

 carbon bar x cottage life magazine menu

Naps on the dock, hair whipping in the wind on a boat, the smell of campfires, late night skinny dipping… any born and bred Chic Canuck knows that the cottage is the most relaxing place to be in the summer. If you’re lucky enough to have a place up North, or know a friend with one, you get to reap the benefits the cottage lifestyle: track pants, a killer tan, beautiful greenery and of course, BBQ! For those of you who can’t get up to one this summer, lucky for you The Carbon Bar has you covered with their new Cottage Life menu!

carbon bar x cottage life magazine menu

Cottage Life Magazine is an award winning Canadian publication that was first published in 1988. They’re the go-to guide for expert advice on how to live that cottage life-style, with issues including recipes, DIYs and buying guides. Carbon Bar owner Yannick Bigourdan and head chef Hidde Zomer have teamed up with the publication to bring you a full menu inspired by lakeside tastes but with a fun city twist.

Begin your meal with a cocktail created by Brendan Piunno; Camp Fire Guava Lemonade has a smoky-sweet flavor and pairs well with the BBQ dusted chips (dusted with the cottage life spice rub!) and guac, and smoked Wolfhead Salmon. Salty, sweet and smoky, you can almost taste the campfire.

carbon bar x cottage life magazine menu

Next up are beautifully presented apps. With Heirloom tomatoes being perfectly in season, Chef Zomer takes full advantage and showcases their flavour and beauty with light herbed cottage cheese (pun intended), lemon zest, Anaheim chili, cider vinaigrette and fresh basil. Summer shrimp salad is presented in little Boston lettuce cups as a rainbow of watermelon, hearts of palm, radish and feta, with a citrus kombucha vinaigrette. Everything is light, fresh and accompanied by glass of their cottage sangria, I feel like I’m dockside.

carbon bar x cottage life magazine menu

The star of the show was a proper BBQ platter; this was the smoky, juicy, meaty main course. In house made jalapeño pork sausage, Cottage Life spice rubbed grilled chicken skewers, Cumbrae’s farm sliders and St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs. These ribs are seriously delicious. Rubbed with Cottage Life sweet mesquite spice rub and drizzled with sweet n spicy BBQ sauce, these were mighty fine. Ontario sweet potatoes baked with sour cream and scallions, and torched corn rubbed with Tajin, lime and cotija cheese rounded out the meal.

carbon bar x cottage life magazine menu

What better way to end your staycation than with dessert – a true taste of campfire comes in the form of a golden brown, inverted S’more. Perfectly toasted marshmallow encompasses chocolate ganache and a dusting of graham cracker crumbs.  I also couldn’t resist a couple of bites of Niagara peach pie and vanilla ice cream.

Truly a chef’s take on the cottage meal – head over during the month of August whether you can make it to a cottage or not and experience a great vibe and unique dining experience.

(Article contributed by Aleshia Pinto)
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