Mr. Will Wong's Top 7 Tips for Celebrity Spotting in Toronto During TIFF!

Posted: Aug 17 2015

When it comes to celebrity spotting in Toronto (especially during TIFF) there's no one that knows the scene better than Will Wong of Check out his Top Tips for celeb spotting below!

As adorable as he is celebrity savvy, Will Wong is like a human bundle of joy whose passion and commitment as a fan to his favourite celebrities beams out of him from within. Quite honestly, his love for those who rule the entertainment world is infectious, and we couldn't think of anyone better to talk to as we gear up for TIFF 2015 here in Toronto. Keep reading for our chat with the one and only Mr. Will Wong and his Top 7 Tips for Celebrity Spotting in Toronto During TIFF!

Q&A: The Chic Canuck x Mr. Will Wong

TCC: When and why did you start your blog?
WW:  I started blogging back in September 2009.  I’ve been attending TIFF for many years now.  I had this awesome zoom lens on my Canon Powershot back in the day and would get really up-close, intimate shots of the stars and one day I decided what a waste it was having these only on Facebook.  I launched a simple site on Blogspot to host my photos, which then led to my reviewing Films also.  TV stations around TIFF would contact me to appear to talk about my experiences around TIFF and boy, did I have stories!

The Celeb Selfies then became a big draw to the site and I try keeping abreast Film updates on the daily.  I found a way to merge it all together on my site MRWILLWONG.COM today. We also host Advance Screening Giveaways, giving my Readers front-of-the-line access even to Red Carpet Premieres.  One of my friends Claire, who has been instrumental in helping get my name out there, brought it to my attention recently, “You were doing Selfies before Selfies even were a thing!”.

"I'd never imagine in a million years I’d get the chance to interview Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe, but I’m often on the Red Carpets now too."

I work hard and pour my heart into my Blog and Social Media because it is important to celebrate being a Fan in the truest sense of the term. I am just a Fan with a Media Outlet.

TCC: What is it about the celebrity world that fascinates you?
WW: I don't think my childhood was particularly awesome, so I’m making up for it now I think… on an extreme scale!

TCC: Who are some of your favourite Canadian celebrities?
WW: So many!  Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Drake, Dina Pugliese, Marilyn Denis... Like literally, there are so many!


ryan gosling will wong

TCC: Who are some Canadian rising stars that you think we should keep an eye on?
WW: Not really emerging names, but about to own it is Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. I am dying to see his TIFF ‘15 Film SICARIO starring an Oscar-bound Emily Blunt. Young genius Xavier Dolan is a critical darling within the Cinema World, but seems on the verge of a mainstream crossover at any point. Sophie Nélisse certainly seems bound for greatness and she's so young and poised!

TCC: What has been your funniest or strangest celebrity encounter to date?
WW: Hands down TIFF ‘14.  I caught Bill Murray - who rarely does Selfies with Fans and interviews too - coming back from a party at 4 AM, double-fisting cocktails. He was in great spirits and was like, “SURE!” when I asked him to stop for a pic.  That was epic.

"TIFF '12, Anna Faris.  She was here with husband Chris Pratt (before he got hot) and in what should've been a super-chill moment, all these Paps were shouting at her, "Anna, over the shoulder!”… "Anna, this way!”.  Our eyes met and we both chuckled in a “WTF” moment."

TCC: What is your favourite thing about TIFF?
WW: I love bragging rights that I saw it first before all the Oscar buzz. And c’maaann, obviously the Stars!!!

TCC: What is your least favourite thing about TIFF?
WW: The Festival certainly does a number on you and guaranteed, I am burnt-out by the end of it. There simply are not enough hours over those 10 days or so to get it all done.

I've grown accustomed to the pushing, the shoving, the clipboards whacking me in the head. It's all part and parcel with TIFF. I may look harmless, but I certainly can fend for myself!

TCC: What is your most memorable TIFF experience to date?
WW: TIFF ‘13, Nicole Kidman. I have always loved the glamorous Australian beauty.  I remember me and a buddy had her one on one and quietly she whisked us away into a dark corner out-of-view after I approached her.  She wrapped her arm around me and was genuinely affected by my praise and we took a Selfie. I will never forget that moment. My eyes watered.  Rihanna was the only other Celeb to make my eyes water like that.

TIFF ‘14, Melissa McCarthy and Tom Hardy.  I almost lost it as both walked by me within moments of one another.  Neither was confirmed publicly to be coming to the Festival too! I have the utmost respect for both. So talented in different ways.

Mr Will Wong's Top 7 Tips for Celebrity Spotting in Toronto During TIFF:

        1. Don't be that jerk who stands in the front row of the barricade, standing on a stool. This blocks everyone else behind you and usually it's some dude who’s like 6 ft. 5. doing so.
            2. Be prepared to camp out early at a Red Carpet, stay hydrated and fed. Bring a buddy or make a buddy so you can hold each other's spots when you need a bathroom break.

              3.    If requesting an Autograph or a Selfie, ask politely and be careful not to be too aggressive or pushy. Nobody got time for that.

              4.    When in doubt, just ask for that Autograph or Selfie. You are entitled to and deserve it as a Fan. If they say “no”, they say “no”. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

              5.    Don't sneak into Hotels and Parties. It's just wrong and well, outright illegal. You'd be surprised how quickly you get blacklisted - it's a small circle running the game.

              6.    Be aware of your own mood and that you likely are grumpy because like everyone else during TIFF, you are exhausted. Avoid confrontation.

              7.    Remember to see at least one Movie this TIFF.  It's the core reason why we have a Festival in the first place and a lot of Celeb-Seekers often forget this.  Premieres are your best bet to being up-close to the Stars and try to keep your flash off inside the theatre.


          Thank you Will!


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