Introducing Canela Reyes: The New World of Angus Brand Ambassador

Posted: Sep 30 2015

It came as no surprise that the gorgeous new Sharpei Cross adopted by our friends behind Do The Daniel and Fashionights would soon get signed as the face of World of Angus. The Chic Canuck was lucky enough to get the first media interview with Canada's latest canine celebrity.

Name: Canela Reyes
Age: 2
Breed: Sharpei Cross
The Chic Canuck: Canela, you've just been named World of Angus' newest brand ambassador, how does your new title make you feel? Was it a surprise?

Canela Reyes: I certainly wasn't expecting it. But, I will say I was flattered. They've curated such a great collection of dog lifestyle products that range from artisan pet treats to contemporary leather collars & leashes to all natural grooming products and DURABLE toys. It's great to be part of something that also supports Canadian and American-made products that are organic and sustainable whenever possible.


TCC: What do you love about World of Angus products?

CR: I love the exclusivity of World of Angus products. Finding products that are either all natural or aren't available in average retailers is what I love most! I have very sensitive skin and my paws can get very irritated so products like the WOA Dog Balm works wonders!

world of angus dog balm

World of Angus Dog Balm, $12

TCC: Are you a more of a Cedar Pine or Lavender Geranium kind of girl?
CR: Oh, Cedar Pine, no question.
TCC: How do you use World of Angus products in your everyday beauty routine?
CR: As I mentioned before, being a Sharpei, my skin can get very irritable - quick - so I regularly use the World of Angus Dog Balm to sooth scuffed elbows, my belly and my paws. I also may or may not LOVE how delicious it tastes.

world of angus dog shampoo

World of Angus Cedar Pine Dog Shampoo $18

TCC: Why do you think all dogs should use World of Angus?
CR: I think that WOA has the dog in mind. I think they've actually clued in that we, like our humans, have different needs and personalities that range and differ from dog to dog. What may work for me may not work for someone else, some scents I'll turn my head from while some other dog may love. I love to chew so maybe a tug toy isn't that best option for me, and WOA has those options for me to choose from.
TCC: Where are some of your favourite spots to hang out in Toronto?
CR: Being a fairly new transplant from Miami, I haven't explored most of the city just yet but the areas that I have explored and loved have been West Queen West (mostly because there's food) and Parkdale. Have you seen some of the homes in the area?!

canela reyes world of angus brand ambassador

TCC: Recommendations for the best parks in the city?
CR: There's Stanley Park on King St. which is great. There's also Earlscourt Park by Davenport & Lansdowne that keeps me entertained for hours, and Christie Pits because all of the smells.
TCC: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
CR: Playful.

Welcome to WOA, Canela!

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