Ama Scriver of Fat Girl Food Squad's Guide to Shopping for a Libra

Posted: Oct 03 2015

We caught up with one of our favourite Librans, Ama Scriver of Fat Girl Food Squad, for her guide to shopping for a Libra!

libra shopping guide fat girl food squad

Name: Amanda (Ama) Scriver

Title: HBIC of Fat Girl Food Squad and Community Manager for Gastropost.

Birthday: October 7th, 1983

The Best Part About Being a Libra:  So many bad-ass people that I know are Libras and it means we all get to celebrate our awesomeness together.  Shout-out to mom and dad for making me a New Years baby!  But really, the traits of a libra are deep-rooted in me (balance, peace, partnership) and I find I'm always drawn to others that have the same within them.

Favourite Libra Traits: As a Libra, I'm hyper-focused on others and how they relate to me, which some people can observe as being fickle, indecisive or aloof.  It's hard because I truly don't mean to come across as such, but since I approach everything I do in life with tact, diplomacy and balance - I more often times than not come across as firm but strong.  To me, I love these traits, they help me be the boss bitch I am and as we all know, so many people are afraid of a strong, independent woman.

Advice for Gift Shopping for a Libra: I love things that are one-of-a-kind, stylish, artistic and beautiful.  I want something that makes a statement and something that will make an impression (in my mind).  For example: my current partner bought me a beautiful Moleskin notebook for my birthday.  In the corner of the pages, he wrote a sweet note or word to describe me.  While a Moleskin is beautiful, this extra step made the gift truly one-of-a-kind and memorable.

Ama's Top 5 Picks from The Chic Canuck!

Dalish lip cheek balm in bubble gum


DaLish Cheek/Lip Balm in Bubble Gum, $15

"I love items that have more than one use and I adore the colour pink.  This would be the perfect go-to in my makeup bag."


provice apothecary exfoliator

Province Apothecary Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator, $12

"My skin is all over the place: sometimes super sensitive and dry and sometimes oily and gross.  I'm always looking for a good exfoliator that will not only regenerate but stimulate."


vintage mickey mouse mug

Vintage Mickey Mouse Mug, $15

"My partner is a barista and we kind of collect coffee mugs.  This one is just perfect for our already crazy collection."


people dissapoint pizza is eternal print

Swell Made Co. People Disappoint Pizza is Eternal Print, $18

"Anyone who follows me knows that I have a huge obsession with pizza.  This piece of art speaks to me in so many different ways.  I need it for my home."


mary young dalmatian tie dress

Mary Young Tie Dress in Dalmatian, $84

"When I saw this dress, I was like: yes must have.  Sadly, as a women of size - it would never fit me - as it just goes up to a size large.  But hey, a woman can dream right?"


 Thank You, Ama!!

Be sure to use the code LIBRA at checkout for FREE SHIPPING and a #TCCtote when spend $50 or more!



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