A Guide To Who To Vote For in The Canadian Federal Election on October 19, 2015 #elxn42

Posted: Oct 05 2015

The Canadian Federal Election is coming up quickly on October 19th, 2015, and knowing who to vote for can be downright confusing. For this reason, we called upon our girl Brittany Weaver to help break down each party for us, real easy:

why you should vote canada election 2015

Fall is the fashion lovers season and what better way to celebrate than by putting on your best politickin’ hat? If you are over the age of 18, then October 19 is a BFD. That’s the day we decide who’s gonna be running this fair, fine country of ours and The Chic Canuck wants you to get geared up by giving you the low down on who is up for being Big Boss Wo/Man.

Here's a breakdown of each party to help make getting your vote on during the Canadian Federal Election 2015 that much easier:


Conservative-ly Dressed


stephen harper - 2015 campaign canada

First up, we have the defending champion (times two) Stephen Harper from the Conservative Party of Canada. He was born and raised in Toronto and you might have remembered him from such programs as Reach for the Top (Canadian TV show showing off kids who knew a lot of trivia). Eventually, Steve took off to Edmonton, Alberta to find himself. Starting off in the mail room at Imperial Oil, making his way through a bachelor degree in economics and later a masters, he started politickin’ by the 90’s. You know, keeping it real. He even coined that famous phrase “The West Wants In!” meaning Alberta wants to be better repped in the Big P(arliament).

Last election (2011), the minister-formerly-known-as-Steve, won his Southwest Calgary riding and his par-tay “hurray”-ed in 166 of 308 seats in the Big House of C(ommons). The Cons are hoping to make this year’s election lucky numero tres using big ideas like “Protecting our Economy”. The whole platform is double gloved in pro-protection for jobs, children, senior’s retirement and small businesses. He even released a “Tax Lock” Law that would freeze federal taxes for income and payroll. Big deal for the working man or girl.

The party’s biggest hurdle? A serious lack of confidence from the working man or girl from a hefty scandal a couple of years ago. It seems as though a few offishes in the Senate expensed a few more cheques than they should have and are being criminally charged. Ouch.


Hey NDP, Yeah You Know Me

tom mulcair election 2015 canada

In the opposing corner and new to the ring, Tom Mulcair of the New Democratic Party of Canada. The forecast for Tom and the Orange Wave is pretty bright considering the party's new to the opposition table. Tom is the second oldest of 10 kids born in the Valley and is pretty familiar with the terrain. He hails from an Irish father and French-Canadian mother who decided to raise the blossoming family in Hull, just across the river from the capital. He’s a lawyer, taught law and let’s just say his words pack a feisty punch. He knows French fluently and his riding is in the Outremont neighborhood in Montreal. He joined the NDP in 2007 when he was invited by the late Jack Layton to become an Agent Orange and that wave done spread.

In 2011, his party won a record 103 out of 308 seats, the first time in the party’s history to be an in official “opposition”. Full steam ahead, the Orange team is hoping to hit it big with an extensive platform promising investment in Canada’s forests, middle class support, 1 million child care spots capped at $15/day, a Better Transit Plan and Better Health Care. That’s a capital B for Big and capital P for Plans.

The biggest challenge for Tom and his posse is maintaining the engine and then some. He’s gained ground in Quebec which gave the party a nice lead over the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois. Let’s see if he can keep the fire lit.

Apply Liberal-y

justin trudeau election 2015 canada

The hook of this track keeps those 60’s babies groovin’. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada feel like it’s “time for real change”. Does that name ring familiar? Justin’s big pops Pierre Elliott was Big Boss Man from 1968-79 and is best known for policies such as bilingualism and multiculturalism, two pretty important components on the What-It-Means-To-Be-Canadian platter. Justin was the second bub ever to be born while papa was running the show (so he was born in Ottawa) and carried on his family name in politickin’. He won his Papineau riding in 2008 and 2011 and when things got a little heated within the party, Justin was urged to run for leader, which he won a couple of years ago. The Team hopes he can channel his dad’s charisma and turn Big Red into the most popular chewing gum again.

TBH, the Libs want to get a lot done and we aren’t talking yardwork. These guys are in it to win it with Employment Insurance, affordable housing, jobs, retirement security, jobs, investing in the navy, working on some relationship stuff with Big Bro down south, investing in the arts, transparency, environment, and more. A lot more. As in they are making plans for the long haul.

Soooo, what happened there? Yeah, no one really saw the flip coming when #elxn41 saw 34 of 308 seats for the Liberals. It was super awkward at the Big P the next day. Justin has his work cut out for him is he wants to dig the Reds outta this one. Respect.


Green Day

elizabeth may green party canada 2015

Slow down May, you’re killing me, but don’t stop. Elizabeth May is getting mad respect in the Big P as she won the very first seat in Parliament for the Green Party of Canada in 2011. Born in Hartford, Connecticut to an artsy mom and numbers dad, she spent her formative years on Cape Breton Island which is probably why she loves the environment so much. She tried for West-Coast schooling in the 70’s, but went home and entered Dalhousie Law as a mature student in 1980. Based out of B.C., May keeps active with all things nature and now holds 3 honorary doctorates like it’s NBD. With climate change and stuff she is gaining some attention as a decent contender.

The Green Party isn’t about all things natural. Elizabeth and her peaceful posse want to build a Canada that works. Together. They’ve got some pretty interesting things that need Google-ing like revitalizing “dead money”, bettering R & D and stopping “whipped votes” (think, if your party votes to jump off a bridge…), but essentially they are saying that putting more green into a greener country would build jobs, stronger communities and a sustainable economy. ‘Nuff said.

Well, the challenge here is to go from 1 out of 308 seats in 2011 to at least 154 more. Giving her mad props on how far the party has politely and sustainably propelled itself into the ridings.


And there you have it! And we hoped it helped. 'Cuz hey, we're not here to tell you who to vote for, but we're hoping to help you make an informed decision. Whatever you do, be sure to VOTE on October 19th!

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