Hawley Dunbar of Sidewalk Hustle's Guide to Shopping for a Scorpio

Posted: Nov 07 2015

We caught up with one of our favourite Scorpios, Hawley Dunbar of Sidewalk Hustle, for her guide to shopping for a Scorpio!

scorpio shopping guidescorpio shopping guide

Name: Hawley Dunbar

Title: Editor, Sidewalk Hustle

Birthday: November 7th

The Best Part About Being a Scorpio: Finding new Scorpio friends and high-fiving them. A lot of my close friends are Scorpios too, and I always look forward to celebrating with them all.

Favourite Scorpio Traits: My strong will and focus to complete a task or goal (against all odds), and exuding mystery and charm without even knowing it. 

Advice for Gift Shopping for a Scorpio: I always gravitate towards prints, especially when it comes to getting dressed. I'd suggest finding something with an original graphic or print in an unassuming colour palette to really dazzle and romance your Scorpio buddies.

 Hawley's Top 5 Picks from The Chic Canuck!

in the zone aromatherapy roll on

In The Zone Aromatherapy Roll On, $32

"I couldn't travel without my little roll-on buddy. The essential oils help to wake me up and focus my energy getting off the plane straight  into an important meeting after a long sleepless flight."


fmiller hair oil

F. Miller Hair Oil, $38

"I'm not really big into hair junk but I love this local product for its minimal packaging, delivering nutrients to my long strands without a gross residue."


 moon calendar print swell made co

Swell Made Moon Calendar, $32

"I've been on a redecorating kick lately and this moon print would be perfect to hang in my office."


harlow skincare candles

Harlow Essential Oil Candle in Soft, $26

"I'll admit, I am totally candle-obsessed; I like to spread them all over my house and burn them all at once. I've never met one I didn't like."



Fuck, You Love Me Pillows by Said The King

"It's rather apt that a pillow case would be cheeky, since you spend so much time with your face on them. I love that this set can be rotated with your mood."


Thank you Hawley!!

Be sure to use code SCORPIO for Free Shipping and a #TCCtote with your purchase!





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