Fonda Lola's Boozy Hot Apple Cider Recipe!

Posted: Nov 25 2015

Fonda LolaJust in time for their 2nd anniversary, has shared their Boozy Hot Apple Cider recipe with The Chic Canuck! Cheers!

fonda lola boozy apple cider recipe

If you're ready for a hot cup of (boozy) cozy like we are, be sure to try Fonda Lola's Booz Hot Apple Cider recipe below! And if you're too lazy to make it yourself, be sure to visit their restaurant - where they've served over 72,000 tacos in the past 2 years alone - at 942 Queen Street West in Toronto.


- 2 oz of rum, like Fonda Lola's house-aged Bacardi

- 2 oz citrus mint & basil purée (recipe found below) 

- 6 oz local apple cider 

- orange peel twist to garnish 


* To make Fonda Lola's mint basil purée:

Blend 2 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice, 1 oz of orange juice, a handful of basil, and a couple of mint leaves (with a ratio of 3 to 1, for basil to mint), and strain. 

Pour 2 oz of rum, and 2 oz of your strained citrus mint & basil purée into a mug of your choice. Heat up your local apple cider, combine and stir in your mug to create this tasty winter warmer. Top with a twisted orange peel to garnish.

Tip:  For an extra hint of sweet citrus flavour, be sure to give the orange twist a good squeeze around the rim of the mug. 





Recipe by Ernesto Rodriguez, owner of Fonda Lola

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