Meet Our Best-Selling Canadian Skincare Brands and Favourite Products

Posted: Feb 20 2016

Here at The Chic Canuck, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best all-natural, affordable and Canadian-made skincare. We LOVE natural skincare and are proud to sell so many amazing brands and products at such affordable prices. At this rate, anyone and everyone can rejuvenate their skin regime for the better! Meet our top-selling Canadian skincare brands and products below:


1. Ella's Botanicals Magic Balm

We are obsessed with Ella's Botanicals not only for her amazing products, but for Ella herself. This woman is so full of positive energy, life and happiness that we can't help but smile when we get to be around her! Huge love goes out to Ella for being a supporter of The Chic Canuck from the very beginning. On top of it all, we're so happy to see that the chic canucks shopping from us love Ella's products as much as we do! In fact, she has been one of our best-sellers from the very beginning and our only challenge is keeping her product in stock! We highly recommend her Magic Balm for everyday use (it helps with dry skin, scarring, itchiness - everything!) and you can shop her full collection HERE.


2. My Mane Care Coconut Hair Mask


My Mane Care is a new brand hailing from Montreal that we were quick to add to our offerings. To be honest, even we were amazed by just HOW WELL this product has been received by our chic canucks, and it's one more product that we're constantly having to re-order to keep up with the demand. But at $16 for an all-natural and delicious smelling hair mask, we're really not that surprised! We LOVE this fab product as a deep leave-in conditioner that can be left in anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight (personally we love putting it in our hair before a hot yoga class) as well as a natural serum by using smaller amounts for styling. Click HERE to shop this product now.


3. Harlow Face Elixirs

 best canadian skincare products

Is there anything that's chicer than glowing and radiant skin? We don't think so. Here at The Chic Canuck HQ we are beyond obsessed with the all-natural face elixirs that are made in Vancouver by Harlow Skin Co. These natural serums are super hydrating and the sun elixir in particular will give your skin a dewey sun-kissed glow that's definitely the most gorgeous way to start and end your day. Click HERE to shop Harlow Skin Co. products now.


4. Gold Apothecary Bath Salts

 best canadian skincare brands

Taking care of the mind and body is, of course, a huge part of health and beauty maintenance, which is why we love the hand-blended bath salts by Gold Apothecary so much. Not only do these make a lovely gift, and a pretty addition to any bathroom, but these salts will have your body feeling like, well, gold after a good soak. Click HERE to shop now.


5. Woodlot Natural Soaps

 woodlot vancouver

We tend to shy away from any beauty products that have heavily perfumed scents, and we were over the moon to find that the natural soaps by Woodlot from Vancouver were not only beautiful, but beautifully scented too. Light, refreshing, relaxing…these soaps are so lovely you just want to kiss them! Although not exactly a skincare product, we are also crazy obsessed with Woodlot's AMAZING coconut wax candles. Click HERE to shop all Woodlot products.


6. F. Miller Body Oil

 best canadian skincare

This fabulous body oil by F. Miller is definitely one of the most luxe skincare products we sell; we love the subtle decent of grapefruit, the super chic glass bottle, and how good it makes our skin feel. This oil is light and highly moisturizing so that you can us it all over your body without having to wait ages for it to dry. If you're looking to treat yourself to something wonderful, treat yourself to this. Click HERE to shop it now.


If you have any questions about these products, or any other products in our SHOP, please email us at for help.


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