Canadian Handbag Designers You Must Check Out

Posted: Oct 06 2016

Canada is known for many things like hockey, maple syrup and Ryan Reynolds but Canada should also be known for our insanely talented handbag designers! Here is our list of our faves! #CanadaFTW 

1) Hoi Bo 

Not only are these gorg minimalistic bags made in Toronto, but they’re also made from natural materials! They are mid-range in price so you’re not breaking the bank and they're innovative and come in colours like electric blue and chic slate grey!

2) Ela

Ela’s founders, Ela and Martin Aldorsson, design handbags that are simplistic, refined and sophisticated that won’t outshine the wearer. They use luxe hardware and incorporate unique details like the braid wave details on their Mini Milk Clutch

3) 442 McAdam

Launched in Calgary in 2008, 442 McAdam takes inspiration from vintage styles with equestrian details. These GORG bags have been seen on celebs like Taylor Swift and Leighton Meester and it’s easy to see why! #StreetstyleStatus

4) Cantin

We love this Montreal based brand because they use raw materials, felt and recycled leather to create beautiful handbags and backpacks! These bags are minimal and super chic! 

5) m0851

This Montreal based company does it all! They design and manufacture leather bags, accessories, jackets and outerwear! They combine sleek and functional details with high-end raw materials that are sourced from around the world. 

6) Erin Templeton

After studying shoemaking in England and leatherwork in Australia, Vancity resident Erin Templeton launched her own line of handbags and accessories. Erin is inspird by “unloved” leather and finds beauty in what it used to be. With minimal hardware and simple, strong construction, Erin Templeton’s pieces allow people to adjust, change, and make them their own.

7) Scout & Catalogue 

While living in Mexico, founder Breanna Musgrove started to dye fabric and experiment with hand crafting accessories and eventually this led to the launch of S&C! Now located in Van, Scout & Catalogue has a loyal following and we love their minimal-chic aesthetic! 

8) Nella Bella

Founded in 2007 by Tarek Al-Azbat, YYZ-based Nella Bella is fashion and practicality all wrapped in one! We love the mix of inventive design with trendy details and the fact that everything is 100% vegan only makes us swoon even harder!

9) Opelle

Not only is each Opelle piece handcrafted in small batches right here in TO, but they’re also made from the highest quality leather. We love founders Amy Malcolm’s art background and Beth Nicholson Crago’s design skills come to life and show off the beauty and elegance in every piece! 

10) Sneha Varma

With press in our fave Canadian mags like ELLE Canada, Fashion and Flare, accountant turned handbag genius Sneha Varma’s collections are effortless, high quality and for the multi faceted woman who strives for originality and inventiveness. 

11) bookhou

bookhou was founded in 2002 by John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj and they showcase their collaborative work in their studio that highlights all natural handmade materials. They opened their first boutique in the Dundas West neighborhood in TO which houses handbags and totes but also stationary, home goods and cute calendars! 

12) The Stowe

This Montreal-based design house was created by Molly Spittal and her love of leather really shows through. We love the minimal, clean and simple designs and this bucket bag is now on our permanent wish lists! MTL FTW! 

(words by Blair Stutz)
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  • Posted by C. Albert on September 23, 2017

    I bought a red leather handbag with a crocodile texture and there in no mfr. logo – only a made/fabrique in Canada label inside. Any idea who the mfr. is? I am trying to sell it on ebay – photos are there. (It is Item#192314049450

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