Carob, Coconut & Pumpkin Seed Fudge Recipe By The Healthy Bies

Posted: Mar 24 2017

Just because it’s a New Year and we’re working hard to renew ourselves doesn’t mean we have to abandon chocolate! Cacao to be more precise! 

WHY? Well if we’re eating good quality dark chocolate that has a 75%+ of cacao then it is actually GREAT for you. Considered a mood booster, chock full of antioxidants (great for skin and bod), increases libido and has minerals and vitamins! #winning 

AND of course we have a little sexy simple recipe for you and those cold winter nights (or hot summer to the other side of the world)....




1/3 cup cacao powder
4 tablespoons pumpkin seed butter
3 tablespoons raw honey
¾ cup coconut oil
½ cup (choose): puffed quinoa, pumpkin seeds (raw), coconut flakes, almond pieces
Two shakes of sea salt



Melt coconut oil and pumpkin butter gently.  In a medium bowl mix oil and cacao powder until smooth and not lumps.  Add in remaining ingredients.  Grease an 9x6 glass baking dish (or similar size).  Pour in mixture.  Cover and freeze overnight or at least two hours.  Cut into small squares and keep in freezer for a midday or anytime treat!  Also great with a tad more salt and some chili flakes to spice it up.

This little treat is perfect for a midday energy “pick me up” or after dinner – I’ve even snuck in for breakfast with a smoothie!


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Happy Snacking!


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