HBC x Mattel: Barbie’s Iconic Fall 2016 Debut

Posted: Oct 04 2016

Calling all fashion lovers and collectors! This fall, Barbie is looking extra chic and cozy in the iconic Hudson’s Bay Company stripes.

Wearing an HBC striped coat paired with a matching pencil skirt and black turtle neck, this limited edition doll perfectly embodies Canadian fashion. This classic look is accessorized with a knit tuque, ankle boots, oversized glasses, and an oversized bag. And as if this doll wasn’t cute enough, she’s brought along her pet poodle Hudson outfitted in his own adorable HBC striped sweater! Barbie is gorgeously packaged in a collectible black and gold box standing in front of the HBC’s flagship store in downtown Toronto.  

According to Hilary Kelley, Vice President, Design, HBC Collections, Hudson’s Bay, “Our vision was to imbue our doll with an independent, creative spirit – a spirit that resonates not only with Barbie but with our brand as well.” “This Barbie lives by a code defined by her personal mantra: be an on the go free thinker; be kind, be brave; strive to be better; and always seek adventure”.

Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Barbie retails for  $59.99 and arrives in HBC stores across Canada and online at thebay.com on October 5, 2016. Will you be picking up this exclusive Barbie this fall? Let us know what you think of Barbie’s newest look! 

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