The Top 5 Canadian Menswear Designers to Know at TOM*

Posted: Aug 05 2016

TOM* is back with the SS17 shows in August and we couldn’t be more excited! Here is a list of the top Canadian menswear designers showing at TOM* from August 15-23.


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1) Diodati – Based in Montreal, Diodati focuses on clean lines, simplicity and minimalism. Designer Luca Galardo’s hopes to redefine the norm creating a neutral canvas for androgynous individualism and we can’t wait to see what his next collection will bring! Diodati is showing at TOM* on Thursday, August


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2) SWAM – Hang up that wet suit! Will Poho of Moose Knuckles and co-designer, Joseph Tassoni are revolutionizing swimwear. SWAM is a new line of swim suits that are specially designed for cold waters. These suits are designed from scuba fabric which give the wearer warmth and protection in chilly Canadian lakes. This sounds like the cottage bather we’ve been desperately searching for! SWAM is presenting at TOM* on Friday, August 19th.



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3) Xian – Originally from Harbin, China, this Montreal based designer is all about wearable art. Xian Wang has a vast design background with experience in architecture, painting and sketching. His fashion forward pieces deviate from the norm and push limits. Xian is showing at TOM* on Thursday, August 18th


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4) Zane Barlas – As a finance industry convert, Zane Barlas knows what makes a fine suit. His main focus is making versatile premium fashion accessible to all men. He is presenting at TOM* for the second season in a row and once you see his designs, you’ll know why! Zane Barlas is showing at TOM* Friday, August 19


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5) Kollar – Designer David Kollar has always had a sharp eye for design and details. He believes that clothing is more of an art form rather than a piece of cloth just worn. Kollar is meticulous about the construction and design of every garment and this is the key to his success. Kollar has attained international recognition and as fellow Canadians, we couldn’t be more proud! Kollar is showing at TOM* on Saturday, August 20th.


See you there!
Words by Blair Stutz
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