Top 10 Canadian Beauty Bloggers

Posted: Nov 17 2016

Over here at #TCC, we have to admit we're slightly beauty obsessed! We know the following ladies feel the same way and we hope you do too! Here is our list of the Top 10 Canadian Beauty Bloggers! 

1) Bambi Eyes – Toronto

Born and raised in TO, Stacy Simón has always had an interest in beauty and photography. We’re loving her blog because she writes with a voice that embodies the playfulness of makeup and the facts you need when thinking about purchasing a product. #BambiFTW 

2) Cosmetic Proof – Vancouver

With a degree in cell biology, this blogger is a skincare expert! Jayne started blogging because of her love of nail art. She is proof (get it?) that beauty mixed with science produce a #flawless combo! 

3) Ommorphia – Montreal 

This Montrealer started her blog on a dare and never looked back! We love her in-depth swatches and her honest reviews! Eugenia tells it like it is and happens to look AMAZING while doing it! 

4) 20 York Street - Ottawa

Launched in 2010, 20 York Street was originally just an OOTD blog but since then, it has blossomed into a beauty, fashion and lifestyle where there is something for everyone. Founder Marilou Moles has made the site the #1 go to for fashion and beauty! #winning 

5) Joyfully Jordyn – Calgary

We are loving this Calgarian’s blog because of all the tutorials! The struggles for a sexy smoky eye are over! Jordyn has mastered the feat and is sharing tips and tricks for all makeup techniques with her amazing tutorials! Ps. She also has #bomb interior design taste too! 

6) theNotice – Edmonton

This Edmonton based blogger tackles not only tutorials but has something for everyone! Rae Chen of theNotice has special recommendations for those with dry skin and she also features tons of Canadian made products in her posts! 

7) Glitter Geek – Toronto

Not only is Arianne a self professed beauty enthusiast, she is also a freelance makeup artist in Toronto! We love her blog because she has loads of tutorials and reviews and she’s also a pro at swatches!  

8) A Pop of Colour – Winnipeg

Shayna of A Pop of Colour is a woman of many hats! As a magazine editor, fitness instructor, writer and a beauty blogger, you know she doesn’t waste her time with products less than perfect! That’s why we trust her and her #amaze tutorials on her blog! 

9) Girl Loves Gloss – Vancouver

A makeup addict since the age of 13, Jamie’s blog Girl Loves Gloss covers makeup, skincare, hair, nails and tools because what good is that eye shadow quad if you don’t have the right brush to go with it? Ps. We too share her mascara addiction! 

10) Stealing Beauty - Montreal 

This blogger from MTL is on our list because we LOVE her reviews and swatches! The photography is amazing and we are especially into her monthly faves lists! 


(words by Blair Stutz)
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  • Posted by Jayne on November 20, 2016

    What an honor to be mentioned and with the company of bloggers I have always admired! Thank you for recognizing us!

  • Posted by Eugenia on November 17, 2016

    Awwww…..what a nice surprise! I’m honoured to be mentioned and really appreciate being included on your list! xo

  • Posted by Jaime on November 17, 2016

    How great is this?!? Thank you so much for including me, especially amongst some amazing women!

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