Top 10 Canadian Cookbooks We Love

Posted: Sep 12 2016

Are you cookbook obsessed? Good, so are we! These cookbooks from Canada’s own are sure to have you turning out tasty creations! Here is our list of the top 10 Canadian cookbooks we love! 

1) Butter Baked Goods: Nostalgic Recipes From A Little Neighborhood Bakery - Rosie Daykin

With pastel colours and the sweetest little treats, this is literally the cutest and girliest cookbook ever.  The photographs are beautiful but wait until you see these desserts! Rosie owns Butter Baked Goods in Vancouver so you know that her recipes are LEGIT! 

2) The Oh She Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-Based Recipes – Angela Liddon

There she glows again! We’re already in love with her first book, but wait until you see this one! What started as a simple food blog, Oh She Glows has certainly taken off! We love this cookbook because it’s simple, healthy and Canadian! We know some vegan food can be intimidating but these recipes are so easy to follow! 

3) Back To Baking: 200 Timeless Recipes To Bake, Share And Enjoy – Anna Olson

This baking cookbook from Ontario’s Anna Olson is definitely one to check out! We love that she includes gluten-free options and has step-by-step instructions for a perfect pastry everytime! 

4) At Home With Lynn Crawford: 200 Of My Favourite Easy Recipes – Lynn Crawford

We are obsessed with Chef Crawford’s Riverdale restaurant Ruby Watchco and the recipes in this book are reflective of her cooking style at Ruby but are a bit more accessible for the home cook! This book is down-to-earth, just like Chef Lynn herself! 

5) Toronto Cooks: 100 Signature Recipes From The City's Best Restaurants – Amy Rosen

YYZ is known as one of Canada’s food hotspots, among many so this cookbook needs no introduction! We love that Amy included notes from the featured restaurant chefs so we could really get a feel for the person behind the food! This book has made Toronto proud for our diverse and varied food scene! 

6) Chuck’s Day Off – Chuck Hughes

Montreal’s Chef Hughes is just a normal guy, except with crazy chef skills. The vibe when reading this cookbook is relaxed like your friend is low-key teaching you how to cook. With easy to follow recipes and simple explanations, we are SOLD!  

7) True North - Derek Dammann, Chris Johns

With the foreward by Jamie Oliver, you know this is gonna be good! This cookbook takes you coast-to-coast and there are the insane photos to prove it! From humungous seafood platters in PEI to amazing fresh salmon in BC, this is as authentically Canadian as it gets! 

8) Seven Spoons: My Favorite Recipes For Any And Every Day – Tara O’Brady

We love that Seven Spoons comes from a real home kitchen and you can feel that with every page you turn. The recipes in this Middle Eastern and East Asian flavour centered book are beautifully photographed and the dishes are so compelling that you’ll just keep cooking this book over and over! 

9) Araxi: Roots To Shoots: Farm Fresh Recipes - James Walt, Andrew Morrison

Gordon Ramsey calls Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar the best restaurant in Canada so obvs we had to put it on our list! This Whistler hotspot is dedicated to shining a light on local ingredients and Vikram Vij of Chopped Canada calls it a ‘culinary jewel.’ 

10) Made in Québec – Julian Armstrong

This cookbook showcases all the beauty and talent that Québec has to offer! There is something for everyone, whether you’re a meat-eater or veg eater! The recipes are simple, easy-to-follow and most importantly, delicious! 


(words by Blair Stutz)
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