8 Hot Canadian Chefs You Need To Be Following

Posted: Aug 05 2016

Is it any surprise that Chefs are the new Rockstars when these Canadian cooks are as hot as they are talented in the kitchen? Meet the top 8 hot Canadian Chefs you need to be following!

1) Chef Romain Avril

Chef Romain is from Paris so that kind of already makes him hotter, right? The Toronto-based former La Societe executive chef has just opened his new restaurant called Lavelle and it’s equally as GORG as he is! Follow @chefromainavril


2) Chef Grant Van Gameren

With four restaurants on the go and one on the way, babe and chef Grant is very busy these days. He’s made the least glam foods like octopus and offal (organ meats) popular and uber delicious! Follow @grantvangameren



3) Chef Michael Robbins

A BC native and total hottie, Chef Michael was bit by the kitchen bug early on. He has experience opening 5 restaurants and just last year he opened his very own in the Kits neighbourhood in Vancouver called AnnaLena. Follow @mikeyrobbins


4) Chef Dale MacKay

As Canada’s first Top Chef, and protégé to Gordon Ramsey, the handsome Chef Dale has proved he belongs in the culinary world. His resume is star studded and Michelin starred so you know that his own restaurant, Ayden Kitchen & Bar in Saskatoon is bound for success. Follow @chefdalemackay


5) Chef Sean Macdonald

A Calgary native, and blue-eyed babe, Chef Sean is the Executive Chef of Market in Calgary.  He will now proudly represent Canada in the world finals in Octoberin Milan and will also compete in the 2016 Gold Medal Plates Canadian Culinary Championships in November. Hotties FTW! Follow @seanymacd


6) Chef Chuck Hughes 

chef chuck hughes

With multiple TV shows, cookbooks, restaurants and appearances on Iron Chef America (he beat Bobby Flay btw) and and Next Iron Chef, this Montreal super babe keeps making Canada proud. He's humble, gorgeous, tatted up and we can't wait to see what he does on his next day off! Follow @chefchuckhughes 


7) Chef Cory Vitiello 

cory vitiello

This babely chef owns Toronto's The Harbord Room and Flock, a restaurant centred around rotisserie chicken! With two restaurants and a spot on Food Network's "Chef in Your Ear", chef Cory is def a Toronto gem! Follow @coryvitiello


8) Chef Matt Dean Pettit 

This gorgeous guy knows a thing or two about lobster! Chef Matt owns Rock Lobster in Toronto where he's known as a down to earth guy who just loves eating with his hands! He's written cookbooks, started his own seafood line and had multiple appearances on Global, CTV and CBC! Follow @mattdeanpettit 


Words by Blair Stutz
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