Who To Know: Our Top 5 Favourite Canadian Authors #ReadTheNorth

Posted: Jun 29 2016

Supporting great Canadian talent is what we're all about here at The Chic Canuck and we couldn't be more thrilled to partner with our friends at Indigo to shed light on some of our favourite Canadian authors.

The Chic Canuck - Indigo - #ReadTheNorth

Just like we do, Indigo prides itself on its Canadian heritage, and it makes us so happy that such a successful and influential business is committed to supporting Canadian literature and authors. As we truly hope you know already, our country is full of talent and it's time to celebrate it!

Just in time for Canada Day, we've teamed up with Indigo to take part in their #ReadTheNorth campaign to help inspire Chic Canucks across the country - and around the world - to fall in love with Canadian literature. And what better time to catch up on your reading than over a relaxing long weekend?

We can't wait to see and hear about your favourite #ReadTheNorth picks, but, until then, here we're sharing 5 books from our Top 5 favourite Canadian authors! Take a look below to see who is on our list:


1. David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

Perhaps not your typical beach read author, Gladwell is an English-born Canadian journalist who has written five books that have all been on The New York Times Best Seller list. We're big fans of his work for its exploration of the unexpected implications of research in the social sciences. David and Goliath is his fifth book (released in April 2015) in which Gladwell uncovers the hidden rules that shape the balance between the weak and the mighty, the powerful and the dispossessed. Shop it now HERE


2. The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje

We can't get enough of the beautiful writing by Sri Lankan-born Canadian novelist and poet, Michael Ondaatje. Perhaps best known for his novel The English Patient that won the Booker Prize and was adapted as a film in 1996, we would definitely recommend picking up a copy of The Cat's Table to enjoy this summer. We love this beautiful novel that's set in  the early 1950s and follows the adventures of an eleven-year-old boy who is put alone aboard a ship bound for England. Shop it now HERE.


3. Stunt by Claudia Dey

'What can't Claudia Dey do?' is something we ask ourselves on a regular basis. If you were to pass this tall and beautiful woman on the streets of Toronto (her hometown), you could easily mistake her for a model, rather than the talented and renowned Canadian writer that she is. Oh, did we mention that she's also one half of the design duo behind the fashion brand, Horses Atelier? Stunt is Dey's first novel and follows a young girl who devotes herself to finding her father after he unexpectedly leaves the family. Shop it now HERE.


4. Sea Change by Frank Viva

This graphic novel is the latest (and very newly released) book by the acclaimed designer, typographer and writer, Frank Viva, of Toronto. If you are not yet familiar with Viva's work, there is a chance you may have seen some of his illustrations before, and they are featured regularly on the covers of The New Yorker. Sea Change shares the story of a shy 12-year-old boy who gets sent to Point Aconi for the summer to stay with his great-uncle, Earl. We would highly recommend this book to enjoy for its story just as much as its beauty, and incredible use of storytelling through Typography. Shop it now HERE.


5. Letters to My Grandchildren by David Suzuki

Mr. Suzuki hardly needs an introduction, but if you've ever wanted to get to know him better, 'Letters to My Grandchildren' is the most personal of his books and includes stories from his own remarkable life. Through a collection of letters to his grandchildren, Suzuki challenges them to speak out and speaks passionately about their future. If you have ever wished that Suzuki was your grandfather, this is the book to read. Pick it up for a source of inspiration to live with courage, conviction and passion. Shop it now HERE.


Now that we have shared some of our favourite books by some of our favourite Canadian authors, we want to know how you #ReadTheNorth this summer! From today (June 29th) to July 31st, you'll have the chance to WIN 1 of 2 Indigo gift cards worth $500 each when you share how you #ReadTheNorth this summer. For contest rules and more information please click HERE.




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  • Posted by Suzi on July 02, 2016

    I #ReadTheNorth in a number of different ways! My favourite Canadian author is Timothy Findley, though I’m a huge fan of Michael Ondaatje and Rohinton Mistry. OH! And Douglas Coupland…probably the quirkiest and funniest Canadian writer I know (though Hey Nostradamus isn’t funny but heartbreaking and reflective). This summer I have Will Ferguson’s 419 on my “to be read” list as I’ve read How to Be a Canadian (even if you already are one) and loved it!

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