Weston & Lawrence

The Weston and Lawrence Company has made a choice to create the finest quality skincare products focused on sustaining enhanced health for the individual and the environment. They want you to understand the choices you make when you put something on your skin. What we leave out of our products is equally important as their ingredients. All products are biodegradable, organic or derived from sustainably wild-harvested sources. Nothing fake, nothing toxic, and never tested on animals. Church. We do not support or endorse synthetics or artificial products, and consequently feel they have no place on our skin. The same goes for parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, and EDTAs. They subscribe to these principles without compromise – therefore all of the products are 100% natural.  supplies are sourced from those who share these beliefs and values, and connect to create each product with the full expression of these considerations.

The Weston and Lawrence Company was founded in 2014. Inspired by a choice to create products curated from sustainably harvested plant botanicals for the modern citizen, our meticulous offerings exhibit the full constitution of nature without compromise for the refined. Weston and Lawrence products are made in Toronto, champions of the true north.

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